‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown New Season Clue – Cameras Lurk in Unexpected Place?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have another season in the works. The first indication is always the camera crew lurking around – and that’s happening now. After leaving viewers with two major cliffhangers last season, it seemed probable the show would return. Still, TLC follows their usual form of keeping the prospects of a new season under wraps. There’s nothing official that offers a nay or yay on Sister Wives Season 14 yet. But a big clue just dropped.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Clan Filming Season 14?

With Kody Brown not kicking up dust in an attempt to get another season of the family show out of TLC, that’s a clue in itself. But it looks like it’s Mariah Brown who just let the cat out of the bag with her camera crew comment. She also posted a pic of herself saying she’s “filming today”. On her Instagram Story, she indicated how she and her fiancée Audrey Kriss are filming. But she doesn’t elaborate on what that is. She also gave a shout out for how much she likes the film crew.

Mariah and Audrey sparked a lot of interest during the last season with their appearance together on Sister Wives. Now that they are engaged, maybe the show’s filming the ladies as they work up to their wedding. This might be one of the storylines TLC is pursuing if there is a new season. That would explain why she’s getting ready for filming and enjoying the members of the film crew. Which is what she says on her Instagram page. It also keeps things quiet since Mariah lives in Chicago as people watch in Flagstaff for cameras to emerge.


Cliffhangers to Entice TLC Viewers Back

Out of all the Sister Wives brood, Mariah Brown is probably the most active on social media pages. She seems to post almost every day and sometimes she shares several posts within one day. When the last season of the reality show Sister Wives wrapped up, Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown left fans with a few cliffhangers. It seems Meri and Kody Brown were rebooting the dating stage again.

Meri told Kody on camera that if he calls, she’ll drop everything and come. That scene even included Meri calling her shared husband “baby”. This cliffhanger has fans wanting to know where this relationship is right now. Especially after the latest reports suggest Meri posted cryptic messages via a quote online about selfish women. Fans took to social media suggesting the post was aimed at the other three wives of Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Are Kody and Meri Brown Talking Via Quotes?

A day or so following Meri Brown’s post, it looks like Kody Brown posted a quote himself. This one dealt with being bitter. This looked like the Sister Wives patriarch may have retaliated to Meri’s post. It seemed to fans that Meri and Kody have a lot to say to each other but they’re doing it the safe way. They don’t say the words but they’re using other people’s quotes. Of course, this could be nothing at all, just different quotes they each admire.

The other big cliffhanger had to do with Coyote Pass and the Sister Wives new home or homes. Kody and his castle-size house got a lot of airtime last season. He not only talked about it but actually had the blueprints drawn up. While he showed these blueprints to his brother and friends, his wives never got to see them. Or at least if they did, TLC didn’t film it.

Monstrous House or Four Separate Dwellings

So what about Kody’s Sister Wives huge house? That’s something fans want to find out. Especially after some fans equated Meri’s section to the size of a closet. While Robyn got the lion’s share of space with two master bedrooms. One for her and the other for her son who’s attending college nearby.

It looks like too much was made of that monstrous house for it to fall by the wayside. Kody complained about lack of finances. So would he really go and hire this draftsperson on a whim? It appears he might take that “I will lead” attitude once again, which is how they ended up in Flagstaff in the first place.

So did Mariah spill the beans on a new season of Sister Wives filming? Kody Brown has been pretty quiet with no reports indicating he’s vying for another season which might indicate there’s no need to. It’s possible he’s already signed on and filming on the down-low. Then, of course, Sister Wives certainly offered enough in cliffhangers to entice viewers back. Now folks are on the lookout for those cameras around the rest of the Brown clan.

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