‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Clap Back at Meri in ‘Bitter’ Cryptic Post?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like he might have popped out a cryptic message of his own after the latest Meri Brown reports. It seems Meri Brown posted a quote online about the “selfishness” of some women. It appears Sister Wives fans took this as a cryptic message.

Some followers suggested this was aimed at the other wives of Kody Brown. Then Meri followed that post with another quote. The other post suggested you couldn’t affect self-esteem by hurting feelings. So are the patriarch and the matriarch of the Brown family poking each other in quotes online? Some fans think so.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Highlights Selfish Women?

Whether or not these were the Sister Wives matriarch’s way of cryptically passing along a message is not known for sure. But now Kody Brown seems to have followed suit. He posted a quote regarding “bitterness.” So it gives the illusion that Kody and Meri Brown have something to say to each other. And the way they did this is through quotes posted online that some folks deem cryptic. One uses a quote that describes women who are selfish and the other describes bitterness.

All three quotes seemed to come out of nowhere. It wasn’t as if there was a topic that Meri or Kody Brown assigned to these quotes. After Meri posted the quotes then the suggestions started to surface. The two posts from Meri Brown below are what started the Sister Wives online buzz.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown Has Something to Say About Bitterness

Then Kody Brown posted this quote below that suggests “bitterness is the undoing of creativity.” While it could be all a coincidence that Meri came across a quote she liked and posted it. But it popped up at a time that reports had Kody spending all his time with Robyn Brown. It seems Kody spends the majority of his time at Robyn’s house, according to these latest reports. One onlooker claimed the Sister Wives patriarch’s two vehicles, a little blue sports car, along with his motorcycle stayed parked at Robyn’s house in Flagstaff.

Since Kody’s rides stayed in one place, folks assumed the Brown Patriarch also stayed put as well. This report also suggested this wasn’t sitting well with the other three wives who share Kody Brown as their husband. Then after Meri’s messages showed up online, it seems Kody followed. So is Kody Brown answering Meri Brown with his online quote on bitterness and pain? Is Meri Brown calling her Sister Wives selfish and is Kody calling her bitter for doing that? Or do Meri and Kody just like these quotes with people reading way too much into them?

Sister Wives: All Not Well in Flagstaff?

Since moving to Flagstaff, the four Sister Wives women and their offspring live in four separate temporary homes. The old Kody Brown would have followed a rotating schedule. That would put him at each wife’s house every fourth night. But apparently, that’s not happing anymore. Or so says the onlooker. The one who seems to know the location of Kody’s vehicles on a regular basis.

Take a look back at the Sister Wives when the Browns still lived in Utah. They were all sad about moving from Utah to Vegas. Check out the interaction between Kody and his wives back then as compared to today. As far as moving goes, the reaction emerging from the adults and the kids is almost exactly like the reaction to Kody’s latest move to Flagstaff.

Other recent reports indicate there’s no movement on the Coyote Pass land. There’s no mention of this from any of the Sister Wives family members. Not so much as a word is whispered about whether four dwellings or one big house will go up.

The women who make up the Sister Wives show all live miles apart from one another. This worried a few of Kody’s wives when they shared their thoughts at the end of the last season in the “Tell All” segment. They didn’t want to see the family seeing less of each other due living so far apart. The close proximity that they shared in Vegas no longer exists.

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