‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown in Secret Bond with Kody Not Seen on Screen

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seemed to have another agenda when it came to her shared husband, Kody Brown, taking on wife number four. This seems like a case of that old adage, “be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it”.

The Sister Wives matriarch shared what she called a secret “sweet special bond” with Kody when they first met Robyn Brown. Meri and Kody kept Robyn between them for a while after first meeting her.

So, it was like she was the couple’s special secret that only this Sister Wives duo shared. The other wives weren’t privy to the thoughts on Robyn coming from the original matriarch and patriarch of the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Found Fix For Marriage Woes With Kody Brown?

At the time, not much unlike today, Kody Brown and his first wife Meri Brown were navigating tumultuous times in their Sister Wives marriage. But when Robyn came along, she became that little secret they shared between the two of them.

Meri explained how she would talk about Robyn with Kody without the other wives in earshot. This also left the other two wives out of knowing what Meri had in mind. It was the Sister Wives matriarch who prompted Kody into considering Robyn for courting.

Meri said there was no need to share their talks about Robyn until they decided if Kody Brown would court her or not. This not only gave Meri a secret bond with Kody but started a great friendship between the first wife and Robyn.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Meri Claims Robyn Brown As Friend First

It seems that Meri Brown never considered Janelle Brown or Christine Brown close friends. She learned to live with them, as they did with her, but a close bond just never materialized. At least that’s how Meri describes it in a book the adult Sister Wives wrote years back.

With Meri almost giddy over their new-found Robyn secret, she enjoyed the time she spent with Robyn and Kody. But the time came when the other wives were let in on Kody’s infatuation with a possible fourth wife.

This is when Meri got what she asked for but it didn’t pan out the way she thought it would. It became time for Kody Brown to consider Robyn for a Sister Wives bride. But he and Robyn needed some alone time to get to know each other. This left the first wife out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Two Is Company – Three Is A Crowd

While Meri Brown now feeling left out, that rocky road with Kody seemed to return. So, for wife number one, the blame for this seemed to point to the new wife in the midst.

She could no longer use Robyn as their secret to chat about. The plans they made for Kody and Robyn were now the plans everyone was in on.

So Meri Brown felt as if she lost her best friend and she was losing Kody again as well. Meri started to look at Robyn differently. The matriarch of the Sister Wives family had a few decades of marriage to this man. Robyn was new and fresh for Kody. Meri felt she couldn’t compete with that.

Comes Back Two-Fold

Soon the original matriarch started blaming Robyn for her problems with Kody. But the two women went to counseling together to have a safe environment where they could discuss their feelings.

While their relationship got better Meri Brown describes really feeling very left out at one point. They were a trio hanging out together. But that trio soon split up and Robyn and Kody became a duo as the natural process took over… romance.

While this went along with Meri’s wishes to bring Robyn into the family, but it caused her some pain. It sounds like she didn’t think that far into the future when meeting wife number four.

So it seems Meri’s agenda for bringing Robyn into Kody’s circle was to have something special with Kody. The other wives knew nothing about this at first. But when this Sister Wives relationship unfolded naturally between Robyn and her future husband, Meri felt like a third wheel and sounds as if a bit of bitterness popped up.

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