‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Swats at Kody’s Hidden Agenda for Love?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown recently cast a shadow over Kody Brown when it comes to a possible hidden agenda behind his motto of love. Once again Meri didn’t mention any names but fans seemed to know who she had in mind.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Paints Portrait of Kody Brown?

The Sister Wives original matriarch also seemed to answer one of the questions floating around out there about Kody Brown. Kody made no secret of the fact the family’s finances took a hit with this last move.

Still, money trouble seems more like a lifestyle for the Sister Wives clan rather than a sudden event. It’s also no secret that Meri Brown is a top sales rep for the clothing brand she sells.

So, fans ask if Meri Brown carries the lion’s share of the finances for Kody Brown. Along with supplying money to help with the living expenses of his other three co-wives, and their slew of kids.

Meri didn’t attach a name to her latest shout out but for some fans, she doesn’t have to. They think she’s talking about the Sister Wives patriarch. Meri Brown’s latest message appears below.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Meri Has Some Close Relationships Within Family?

It sounds as if Meri Brown knows what she’s talking about. But unfortunately, she’s not enlightening anyone else with the meaning behind her latest message.

Despite all the rumors that Meri and her hubby have split. Meri denies this. She cannot leave Kody Brown as this would mean leaving the rest of the Sister Wives crowd as well.

At the time Meri denied this she went as far as mentioning that she’s close with some of the kids. She also suggested that her relationships amongst the co-wives varies. Right there it seems Meri suggests while she’s not close to everyone, there are some close relationships within the family.

But the first wife of the Sister Wives tribe appears to need those close relationships for healing, as her newest message suggests. Although she appears to question just what fuels the people who claim to love her in those relationships.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Love Without an Agenda Vs Love With One?

Is Meri Brown the main Sister Wives breadwinner today? If this is the case, could this possibly be what Meri Brown means with her words that suggest love shouldn’t come with an agenda?

Let’s face it, from what fans were privy to during the Sister Wives episodes, they can’t help wonder if Kody has an agenda for keeping Meri in the family.

During the counseling session as the last season came to an end, Kody basically said Meri manipulated him into marriage. He no longer lived with her he also shared.

Yet, since the season ended, Kody Brown pops in on Meri unannounced as she conducts a live clothing sales segment online. From the way the two acted together, they seemed fine. This confused the fans.

It looks like work

Meri Planted a Seed With Her Latest Cryptic Words of Wisdom

But Meri’s message today may shed some light on this. Maybe she feels Kody’s love comes with an agenda. It’s possible she wonders if Kody’s more interested in just what she contributes to the family finances. It could be she worries that this is his agenda for keeping her around.

Followers of the Sister Wives series often comment on how they believe Kody won’t end it with Meri as long as she’s financing the family. While no one knows if this is really the case or not, fans surmise this from what’s learned about the other co-wives’ jobs.

Unless Kody Brown’s women keep their work well hidden, it doesn’t appear they do much for employment. Christine Brown also sells the same clothing brand as Meri online. But it doesn’t appear as if she puts in the same amount of time as Meri does.

When it comes to Kody Brown, fans once saw him with a rake in an episode. They went crazy over the suggestion that he was about to do manual labor.

It doesn’t appear as if Kody Brown has a job outside of managing the family’s finances. Since they’ve had money problems from the get-go of the show – that doesn’t seem to work out too well.

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