‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Work History Revealed – Jack of All Trades?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown perplexed the fans from the beginning of the TLC reality series as people couldn’t figure out what he did for a living. One of the very first shots of Kody in the first season captures the man scooting along in a sports car. But was he on the way to work in that shirt and tie?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Zips Around In Sports Car

This of course seemed odd to fans. After all, the Sister Wives promos promised a man with three, going on four wives, with a slew of kids. After taking in all the advertising for this new reality show, that zippy sports car didn’t fit the ads running for the series.

Most fans thought a van with ample seating for a family that size would be the vehicle of choice. But at the time they didn’t understand Kody Brown. That car gave the Sister Wives patriarch the opportunity to highlight himself for the promo while the wind blew through his. Between Kody, his four wives, and grown kids… there are enough large vehicles to go around.

At first, the audience seemed enticed by curiosity. After all, this was the first of it’s kind for a reality show. But then as the Sister Wives gathered a bigger audience, questions surfaced.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Does the Man with Four Wives and 18 Kids Have a Job?

One of the most frequent of these questions – “What does Kody Brown do for a living,” is still asked today. While the TLC reality series audience really never gets to see Kody doing any type of work, it appears he has a work history.

Sure, now and then Kody Brown picks up a yard tool and walks in front of the camera. But it’s rare that the cameras capture him doing manual labor.  Below Kody does the dishes as Robyn talks into the camera.

That’s not a sight seen often on the show. Usually the Kody Brown is in his favorite reclining chair with the wives scurrying about. But while there’s not a lot of evidence seen, the Sister Wives ladies insist throughout the decade on the screen that Kody is a busy man.

Years ago when Kody Brown started to create this plural marriage of his, his co-wives mentioned a few jobs.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown Washes Dishes

Sister Wives: Not A Very Lucrative Work History?

Money was tight in the early days of the Sister Wives reality series. This seems to be a theme that weaves all through this family’s history – right up until today. But it seems Kody Brown is somewhat of a Jack of all trades.

It looks like he held several types of jobs over the years. There’s just not a lot of detail when it comes to the who, what, when, and where questions about these jobs. But below there are several jobs that Kody reportedly did at one time or another.

  • Lumberjack: When the Sister Wives husband only had two wives, it seems he took on a lumberjack job. There’s a brief mention of this years back. This kept him away from home a lot. Apparently he’d go and stay in the rural areas where the trees were cut down. Janelle Brown and Meri Brown were the only two wives at the time. Janelle recalls Kody taking Meri with him at times when he would need to stay away from home for this job. This made Janelle feel very left out as the wife left at home all the time.
  • Billboard Salesman: At one point Kody Brown sold billboards. It sounds as if this too involved traveling keeping Kody away from his Sister Wives home. Apparently this gig wasn’t very lucrative because the Sister Wives husband said the sales were few and far between. This billboard gig fell within the timeline when Kody had Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown at home. He describes how he asked Robyn to marry him under one of the billboards he found tough to sell. Maybe she should have taken this as an omen of financial times to follow.

More Job Mentions

  • Online Advertising: This is a job Kody refers to most during the decade of the Sister Wives seasons. It’s the answer he gives when he’s asked what he does for a living. He said he sold advertising for the online world. The timeline for this job is vague. Although he did dress in a suit going off to work a few times at the beginning of the Sister Wives series. Once the show became overwhelmingly popular, this is what his go-to answer was when asked how he makes a living.
  • Marketing Company: Back in 2012 Kody Brown tweeted about a company car. He said the car came from a marketing company he worked for at the time. Again, he was not forthcoming with the details of the job, just the car.
  • Business Career: This is something Kody mentions often when describing his relationship with Janelle Brown. Both he and Janelle are like-minded business people and very career-oriented, according to Kody. So, the two of them can talk “business” like best buddies do. Janelle sold real estate, worked in the accounting field and she has a big hand in figuring out family finances. Or at least she did at one time.
  • Sister Wives and Family Finances: He formed Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC several years back. So it seems as if this is his career today – handling the family’s finances. This could also be the “business” talks he shares with Janelle. The family makes a paycheck for their Sister Wives show.  During the first few seasons, Kody dressed in a tie and shirt when he “came home” in the evening. It appeared as if he dressed for a business of some sort.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: TLC Pay Figures Into Equation

At one point each adult made a paycheck of $180,000 per season. But TLC put the series on the chopping block after Season 11 after ratings tanked.

Kody was so desperate for his family to stay on TV that he took a substantial pay cut. Reports indicate he agreed to do the show for just $180,000, the price of one of the adults’ salaries. So, he let four of the salaries go for that season.

He believed they could bring the fans back. Well, It worked, as the fans came back and the ratings went up. While it’s not known what their salary base is today, it’s believed it’s at least back somewhere near the $180,000 per Sister Wives adult.

So, when Kody Brown is too busy to join his co-wives for trips and the special events they post online. It sounds as if he’s busy in his role as the CEO of Sister Wives. While it’s not known if the family still all pools their finances, this would also give Kody some money to keep track of in his latest job title.

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