‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Breaks Online Silence With Baffling Post

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was interested enough in a someone else’s tweet to break months of social media silence to address it. So, what did the star of Sister Wives have to say? Well, part of it was “Hmmm” as Kody passed along his take on something he’d read online.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tweets Bizarre Blurb

Kody Brown seemed to drop off the face of the virtual world for the past few months. Last time he posted anything online was at Father’s Day. Then, both Kody Brown and the Sister Wives youngest wife, Robyn Brown, suddenly stopped sharing posts with their followers.

While Meri Brown stays very active online, both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown post-semi-frequent updates on their lives as well. So what is Kody Brown up to in this confusing message he tweeted?

The Sister Wives patriarch reacted to tweet posted by Salt Lake Tribune writer Nate Carlisle. It seems Carlisle covers polygamy stories for Salt Lake Tribune and goes by the Twitter handle Polygamy Tribune.

Nate Carlisle tweeted about a post from Cristina Rosetti (a reporter also from The Salt Lake City Tribune). The tweet was about a beverage called “Green Drink” and is made from a plant called comfrey. It’s enjoyed by a religious sect of the Mormon church called the Kingston group.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Green Drink Lit a Spark for Kody Brown

So, what prompted Kody Brown to break his silence today? The few words he posted on Twitter sound as if something he read started the wheels going in his mind. That tweet from the polygamy desk of the Tribune seemed to catch the Sister Wives celeb’s eye for some reason.

People use “Green Drink” for various medicinal purposes. It’s main ingredient, comfrey, is no longer sold in the U.S. as the FDA banned the oral consumption of the plant. Unless it is in an ointment or cream for topical use, you can’t sell it in the US.

It’s banned in several other countries as well, like Canada, Germany, Australia, and the UK. The tweets online between the two writers seem rather sarcastic in nature. But did Sister Wives alum Kody Brown take it that way?

Sister Wives: Isn’t Green is One of Papa Brown’s Favorite Colors?

Although comfrey is illegal to eat or drink, some believe it contains qualities that improve life for those suffering from some ailments like arthritis, gout and even cancer. For whatever reason, this green drink prompted the patriarch of Sister Wives to surface online.

When the comment was made online about someone seeing this in Utah and saying “hmmm”, Kody jumped in. The Sister Wives papa of 18 tweeted how he’s in Arizona and he also went “hmmm” when seeing this.

Rosetti, who originally started the online tweeting about the topic, seemed to joke that she’s finally realized all her goals. That’s because a friend whipped her up a green drink made from comfrey.

As the tweet says, the Kingston group consumes this drink to ward against the effects of nuclear fallout. Rosetti claims a friend of hers, who is also a former member of that group, whipped up a green concoction for her containing comfrey.

But What About It?

Nate Carlisle followed Rosetti’s tweet by suggesting somewhere in Utah there’s someone who markets vitamins who’s probably saying “hmmm…” That’s when Kody jumped in. He says he lives in Arizona and he is saying “hmmm” as well. So what did the head of the Sister Wives brood mean by this? Did marketing the comfrey tickle his thoughts, as maybe he doesn’t know it’s outlawed for human consumption in the US?

Other than, what Kody shared with his one line doesn’t seem to make sense. What does this have to do with anything? Again, Kody prides himself in keeping up with all things polygamy in Utah. This is the state that basically ran off the Sister Wives clan due to laws against plural marriage.

So did Kody just want to join in with the conversation because of the topic these writers cover? Well, the Sister Wives husband of four finally broke his online silence but what why he did this is still a mystery today.

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