‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Holds Two Jobs – He Masters One

Sister Wives star Kody Brown still has viewers mystified over the type of work he does as his huge brood enjoys the finer things in life. While Kody Brown has created a reality show around his family, their reported salaries still wouldn’t cover all the expenses seen on this show.

The Sister Wives clan consists of Kody Brown, four wives, and 18 children. As the kids reach adulthood, the expense just grows as elaborate weddings and college educations come one right after the other.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Masters Job Number One

Through the majority of the TLC reality show seasons, the family lived in four luxury homes. Out in front of each of the Sister Wives homes were new cars, some households had a few in their driveway after some kids hit the age for driving.

Reality stars don’t traditionally make the big bucks. They’re not like the A-list stars who get rich from making a movie. While reports once put the five Sister Wives adults each making about $180,000 per season, that price was renegotiated by Kody Brown after season 11.

In a desperate attempt to keep the show going when it faced the chopping block, reports indicated he gave TLC a huge cut-rate. For Season 12 the family allegedly filmed Sister Wives for one combined salary of $180,000, cutting their income per season down to one-fifth their previous salary.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

What They Rake In Today?

But then a report came out in the beginning of the year indicating TLC pays 10 percent of a show’s budget to the reality stars’ salaries. The report also said that the estimated cost of each Sister Wives episode landed somewhere between $250,000 to $450,000.

So this same report apparently did the math and estimated the family makes about $375,000 a year combined from their appearance on TLC reality series. This seems to be the most updated information on the Sister Wives salaries today. Another report indicated they make somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000 per episode, which seems to coincide with the season salary estimated in the other report.

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That’s good money if it’s for a couple with a small family. But for almost two dozen family members across four households, it can’t possibly cover all the finances needed to support them in the fashion that’s demonstrated on the show.

Sister Wives: Part Of Kody’s First Job is Fishing

So just how do five spouses and 18 kids live on a reality show salary? That’s where Kody Brown’s first job comes in. Viewers know how the family members of Sister Wives enjoy the finer things in life. This costs money. So it looks like Kody Brown has mastered this job of managing the finances. It looks like he’s got everyone making money these days. Just check out any social media page for the individuals in the Brown tribe.

They’re promoting drinks, nails, healthy foods, and just about anything that sits still with a price tag. Meri Brown and Christine Brown are just two of the several family members who sell things online. These two Sister Wives offer Lularoe clothing. Even the Brown adult kids enjoy being entrepreneurs online today. Like Robert Garrison Brown, who sells a line of floral print attire on the worldwide web.

Kody once listed his career as being in online advertising when he first started the TLC show. It looks like he never gave that up. It also appears that he won’t miss a chance at picking up another online gig.  After watching a Whole Foods commercial earlier this year it seems Kody couldn’t contain himself from tweeting a shout-out for work. You can see that in the tweet above.

The Brown Family Pool

From what Kody and his wives discussed during season 13, the Sister Wives spouses pool their finances. Then it’s Kody Brown who manages the money. This might be the reason all the hoopla began once Meri secured Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on her own. She seemed to go against his system. Not only did she buy the inn on her own but she let the family know this is her own business.

It didn’t sound like there would be any profit sharing from Meri’s own endeavor of the B&B. Viewers eyed Kody Brown’s face when Meri suggested it’s all hers. Kody Brown paid for three weddings almost back-to-back in recent seasons. Kody financed these elaborate and expensive weddings for daughters, Madison Brown Brush, Mykelti Brown Padron, and Asypn Brown Thompson.

At this point in time, several of the older Brown kids are in college. During the last season, Kody gave the impression that he pays for all the kid’s college educations. So the Sister Wives clan needs quite a bit of money to live this lifestyle. It appears Papa Brown is the driving force behind the promo gigs that add up in the family’s shared account. So it seems Kody has mastered his first job. He’s done well at finding promo gigs and managing the family’s finances.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Cat

Sister Wives: Second Job – Still a Work in Progress?

So what is Kody Brown’s second job? As the only man in a family which follows very traditional ways, (besides having four wives) he has a lot of work. He has to do maintain four separate homes for each of his wives. While the Sister Wives head of the family mastered his first job it looks like Kody’s second job is a work in progress.

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This is evident from a recent picture showing Christine’s Flagstaff backyard. While the other three wives rented homes in Flagstaff, Christine and Kody purchased the one Christine lives in. Now they all wait to build homes or one big home at Coyote Pass.

It seems Kody leads the family with some old fashion values. The wives usually take care of the kids and household chores. Apparently, this leaves Kody with the handyman stuff. In a recent photo of Christine’s backyard, it looks as if it’s in need of some immediate attention. Or so the fans say after they spotted the photo posted by Christine.

The third wife of the Sister Wives family posted a photo of her cat on the roof. But the fans’ eyes gravitated toward a broken door on the gas grill, weeds, and high grass in her backyard. They shamed Kody for not sprucing things up. So, it looks like job number two for Kody Brown isn’t as successful as job number one. But you can’t master everything in life.

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