‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Dragged Through Mud on Anti-Polygamy Show

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is suddenly thrust into a negative spotlight regarding an alleged polygamy abuse case. This ties to one of his friends. Reports indicate Kody was once slated to appear as an “expert witness” in his friend’s defense. Now, it looks like the Sister Wives father of 18 (and husband of four women) has people speaking out against him over his own outlook on polygamy today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Attempts to Dispel Polygamy’s Bad Rap

Kody Brown and his co-spouses signed up for their TLC show to dispel the bum rap that surrounds polygamy. Their message is fairly basic – spousal abuse occurs in all kinds of marriages. On the other hand, love and kindness emerge from marriages of all types as well.

The Brown clan wants people to know that polygamy does not go hand and hand with anything bad. So, these five adults set out to prove this almost a decade ago by inviting the world into their homes via Sister Wives.

Sure, Kody isn’t always seen in the best light as a shared husband and they have downs and ups like any other families. But their family displays lots of love when it comes to their almost two dozen members.

Reading the comments over the years, it looks like the five spouses from Sister Wives did a successful job at proving their point. Other than having four wives and mothers, they’re just like any other family. But it sounds like some people have another view to share.

Accusations of Horrendous Abuse Around Plural Marriage

Doris Hanson, the host of Polygamy: What Love Is, recently interviewed Nicole Henderson, wife of Mitchell “Kyle” Henderson, a pal of Kody Brown. The talk show describes itself as a “shield and refuge ministry”. The host and her guest both reportedly cast Kody Brown and his wives in an unfavorable light.

Recently Kody and his wives became a topic of conversation on the show. Guest Nicole Henderson alleges she had an abusive husband in her polygamous marriage. Also, he happens to be a good friend of Kody Brown.

It seems the shared husband of the Sister Wives, Kody Brown, was expected to go to court as an “expert witness” to defend Nicole’s husband, Kyle. This made headlines last year when the case hit the court’s docket.

Kyle is accused of horrific abuse by his wife Nicole and this is what she discusses with Doris on her talk show. The Sister Wives husband and father had nothing to do with this, although his name happens to pop up.

When it does, you learn Doris already harbors a negative view of Kody Brown and his wives as well. While listening to Nicole Henderson, Doris shares her thoughts on Kody and his four wives from an incident with one of her relatives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Conversation Suddenly About Kody

Doris recalls an episode of Sister Wives from a few seasons back. On that episode, Kody, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown met with other polygamous families. One of the women who spoke up about the abuse she endured as a wife in a plural marriage was Doris’ relative, the host tells Nicole.

Doris claims that Kody and his wives “mocked” her relative. As the woman told her story of abuse on that Sister Wives episode, Doris recalls Kody and his wives saying how “we don’t do that”. Doris also said the Browns stated “there’s no abuse in polygamy”.

Doris then said Kody and his four wives “actually condemned the abuse. And Kody Brown is going to be a character witness for your abuser? That’s what bothers me! The hypocrisy”.

Sister Wives: Nicole Henderson - Doris Hanson

Sister Wives: Nicole Henderson’s Demeanor Strange?

Nicole accused her husband of beating her so badly that she couldn’t get out of bed for a week. She also shared pictures of bruises she alleged came from her husband, which the host displayed for her audience to see. While this is a serious and heart-wrenching issue for victims of domestic abuse — it appeared Nicole made a few joking remarks as she explained her husband’s defense against her claims.

At one point, she said her husband’s legal team offered four different excuses for the bruising seen in the pictures. After naming them off, she put them together in a non-sensical way to sound ridiculous and chuckled as she did so.

When asked about the abuse, she kept going back to her children. She claimed her kids watched her cry as her husband slept with another woman.


Sister Wives: Why Put the Focus on Kody Brown?

Kyle Henderson reoportedly took a second wife several years ago, making this a polygamous marriage. Similar to Kody Brown on Sister Wives, it sounds as if he rotated bedrooms. So, the other woman that her husband slept with was her plural marriage sister wife.

Nicole referred to this other wife as a concubine, not a sister wife. Nicole and Kyle met back in 1992 and she remained with him until she left the marriage in 2016. While this segment of Doris’ show was about the accusations Nicole made against her husband, the Sister Wives patriarch’s name kept coming up.

At one point, Nicole said she believes the only reason her husband asked Kody Brown to testify had to do with being in the spotlight. She said her husband did it to appear on the Sister Wives show. This way it would put the focus on Kody Brown. But it seemed both Doris and Nicole did just that on their show – put the focus on Kody.

They continued to bring not only Kody into this, but his four wives as well. As a result, their story is getting a lot of attention today. You can click here and make yo`ur own decision after watching this 30-minute interview.

 Two Sides to Every Story

While Nicole offers her side to this story in this interview, the husband she accuses is not there to defend himself. Neither is Kody Brown or any of his wives. But Kyle faced charges of domestic violence including six assault felonies.

Henderson also faced other charges stemming from the night Nicole accuses him of beating her. His other charges included a violation of protective order, witness tampering, bribery, and extortion.

But Kyle Henderson entered a plea in abeyance and walked away with basically probation. When this light sentence passed down from the bench last year, headlines indicated his wife, Nicole, was not happy.

Still, it shifted from the topic of Nicole Henderson suffering abuse. Instead, the host dragged the TLC Sister Wives clan into it. Was it so it would gather more attention? If so – it worked as it made headlines today despite the incident happening a few years back. Kyle’s sentencing also took place a while back.

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