‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Pulls Fast One on Meri Brown – Childish Game of Musical Chairs?

Sister Wives highlighted Kody Brown and his the maturity level last week when he pulled a fast one on Meri Brown. Surprisingly Robyn, Christine, and Janelle Brown followed his lead.

This Sister Wives scene mirrored the antics of children suddenly composing themselves as the teacher enters the classroom. Yep, it looked like an immature move on Kody’s part as well as the three wives as they waited for Meri to arrive for a family meeting.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pulls One on his Wife?

Meri Brown explains that her family no longer trusts her. But the shoe may be on the other foot now for her. Especially if she got to see the Sister Wives footage from last week’s episode. How can she trust her fellow Sister Wives after watching the impromptu ploy Kody Brown pulled as she was about to arrive?

Meri was the only wife not present in a Sister Wives scene last week as Kody discussed the family’s finances. He sat around the table with Christine, Janelle and Robyn giving them the bad news they need to give Meri.

Kody needed to renege on his offer to help Meri financially with her bed and breakfast venture. This is what he explains to his three wives before the fourth wife, Meri Brown arrived.

Game of Musical Chairs?

Kody Brown and the other wives held a meeting at Christine’s house before Meri got there. Having a meeting among the Brown adults without Meri was bad enough.

But it is what Kody Brown and his three wives did next that looked somewhat underhanded. Everyone jumped out of their chairs on the Sister Wives episode. Before Meri entered the house everyone scattered so it didn’t look as if they had any discussion without her there.

Robyn Brown Wonders, What’s Up With Meri?

Robyn looks into the Sister Wives camera and explains how Meri Brown questions where she stands with the family these days. Then Robyn sounds as if she doesn’t understand why.

First, the family holds a meeting without Meri present, but the meeting is all about her. This might explain why she harbors some animosity. To top it off, Kody and the other wives purposely scattered before she got there. This had a sneaky feeling to it.

It appeared they didn’t want Meri to know they’ve already held a family meeting without her. When she walked in, the decision had already been made about her and yet without her.

Kody Humming – Dead Giveaway

Before Meri steps foot into the house, everyone is in a different area of the house. Kody Brown is humming with his legs draped over a chair. He attempts to look like he’s just hanging out waiting for Meri. The other wives come from other parts of the house and shuffle into the office behind Kody.

It didn’t take long for Meri Brown to realize that a meeting already took place. After the second meeting, which she attends, she talks into the Sister Wives camera. She explains her take on all this. Once again she’s feeling left out because she wasn’t involved in the decision making.

Kody, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle Brown Catch Meri Brown Off Guard

Meri explains that Kody and the other wives threw her “off-guard.” She found it strange that they made a decision without her present. Furthermore, this is something the family has never done before. If they hold a meeting about one of the Sister Wives, that person is there. It didn’t happen this way for Meri.

Meri Brown explains to the camera that she feels it’s four against one. It appears Kody Brown and his three wives just demonstrated on Sister Wives why Meri feels this way. Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown wonder why Meri considers her B&B business hers alone. Maybe if they watch this clip they’ll understand why.

Can You Blame Meri?

This B&B might be a safety net for Meri Brown, who feels very left out of the family during this episode. She’s not feeling like she’s part of the Sister Wives family anymore, which she made clear during this episode.

It could be the B&B gives her the escape she may need down the road. Spoilers for the season show the other wives do rally behind Meri at times, so only time will tell where she fits in. Tune in on Sunday nights and catch the new episodes on TLC.

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