‘Sister Wives’ News: Meri Brown Reveals Bloody Injury

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is recovering from a painful looking injury. She took to social media this week to share with fans and followers of the horrible start to her day. Kody Brown’s wife, Meri, took a tumble leaving her house. In her attempt to get fit, it looks like the weather in Flagstaff has the upper hand. She suffered quite an embarrassing injury. Looking at the pictures, all you say is ouch.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Stumbles And Falls In Flagstaff

Meri Brown sure could use a do-over to her day, The other morning she suffered an injury from a painful and bloody fall while out for a walk. January in Flagstaff is a lot colder than January in Las Vegas. Meri had to bundle up and dress in layers to start her morning exercise routine, which these days is a brisk walk.  She slipped and fell on her front steps. According to the Sister Wives alum, she wished she could blame it on icy steps. Truth is she tripped over her own two feet.



Meri Brown’s Injury

In addition to the cuts, scrapes, blood and inevitable bruises. Meri Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives, also is dealing with two other consequences of her fall. First, her ego indeed took a hit. And second, she ruined not one, but two pairs of LuLaRoe leggings. Good thing She gets a discount on those buttery soft leggings as a fashion consultant for the brand, cause they retail for $25 a pair! Meri’s taking the injury and embarrassment in stride. She jokes in her post, “Well I guess this is one way to get out of my morning walk! She also says, ” I think I’ll go back to bed and start the day over again in an hour” Indeed, that sure sounds like a good excuse to skip a workout!

Sister Wives – What Is Meri Doing These Days

Meri Brown is one busy woman these days. Although she made the move to Flagstaff, she spends the majority of her time away from the Brown clan. Between business trips for her highly successful online clothing sales for LuLaRoe and running her Bed and Breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Utah, Meri is rarely home in Flagstaff. In addition, her only child, Mariah Brown, lives across the country in Chicago, so she does visit her often. Meri Brown and husband Kody Brown do seem in a better place these days as well. Perhaps they will be able to work on their marriage away from the bright lights of Las Vegas.

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