‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Cruises Without Kody

Sister Wives star Meri Brown heads to Puerto Rico and there’s no mention of husband Kody Brown going along with her. The latest Instagram post from Meri Brown shows her taking off for her trip with a couple of friends.

The man in the photo is definitely not Kody Brown, her shared husband. For one thing his hair is much too tame. So how’s she getting to the island paradise? It sounds like she taking a cruise. So much for suffering an empty nest!

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Offers Up a Clue – Fun Without Kody?

Meri Brown appears to be one of the more popular of all the Sister Wives spouses. At least it looks this way by the number of people who follow her on social media compared to her co-stars.

Kody Brown and the other wives question Meri’s commitment to her plural marriage in recent episodes. While she claims she committed to the family, Kody, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine Brown don’t seem so sure. Is her latest post a hint on the direction this first wife is headed besides Puerto Rico?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

SW: That’s Not Kody Brown?

Meri Brown was fine with the family going on ahead to Flagstaff while she remains in her Vegas home for a few months. This Sister Wives spouse claims work commitments along with helping her daughter move takes up a good majority of her summer. But it looks like Meri Brown is really enjoying at least one of these commitments, like a trip to Puerto Rico.

The first wife of Kody Brown didn’t elaborate on much, so it’s not known if this is a work-related trip. Either way – work or play – Meri looks more than content in a car with an unidentified woman who is not one of her sister wives. Not to mention an unidentified man who’s certainly not Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Matriarch Replacement?

The matriarch of the Sister Wives (yes, the matriarch, after all, she is the first wife) seems to do quite a bit these days without Kody Brown. Some fans voiced their observations on social media recently about what Meri endures on the TLC reality show.

Some believe Meri Brown lost her place in the family hierarchy as they watched this new season play out. It looks like Robyn stepped in to take over for Meri.

Being a first wife in a plural marriage comes with responsibility. But it also comes with perks as well. A lot of the planning and decision making falls to the woman to first marry the man in a polygamous marriage. It appears Meri doesn’t do that anymore, it’s Robyn who’s seemed to slip into that position.

SW: Kody Tells Wives – Nothing has Changed

Maybe the first wife feels the same way? After all, when Robyn referred to Meri as the first wife in a recent episode, she barked back. Meri replied that Robyn is the “legal wife.” Kody jumped in and tried to convince Meri Brown that nothing has changed. But it looked like she wasn’t interested in what he had to say.

During this Sister Wives season so far, viewers learned that Meri feels very left out of the family. Folks who watched the episodes see some evidence to that as well. Kody and his other wives tend to gang up on her from time to time. Or at least that’s how many on social media see Kody and his spouses.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Someone Got Past that Empty Nest

So, did this first wife say enough is enough and continued on making her own life without Kody Brown? Cruising with friends to an island getaway sounds like a good start. Is this a real-time clue to her fans on where her life is today? From the comments on her post, it looks as if the folks who follow this Sister Wives co-star offer her support.

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