Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Meri Go Too Far Chasing Another Season?

Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown and Meri Brown might have gone too far while trying to get another season of their reality show. It started after the last season wrapped and the Tell All aired. Questions emerged after Kody and his first wife claimed they’re working on their relationship.

It was during one of the post-season Tell All episodes that their claims raised eyebrows. The couple acted like they were suddenly quite smitten with each other. Both Meri and her husband expressed how they’re giving their marriage another try.

But at the time, Meri Brown seemed over the top about it. She almost acted as if they had a private joke going on by exaggerating the attention toward her husband on the TLC reunion couch.

Sister Wives: Two Theories Emerge for Meri Brown

Social media fans picked up on this and two trains of thought emerged. Some folks expressed happiness that the couple decided to rekindle their relationship. But others thought they duped the fans.

Recently questions popped up online about the final scenes of the Sister Wives Tell All. That’s where Meri appears lovey-dovey with Kody. She said in front of the world that if he calls, she’ll drop what she’s doing and run. She even called Kody Brown “baby” when talking to her shared husband on air. This seemed different for the first wife of the Brown clan.

Admiration of Kody Brown – Did Meri Exaggerate Behaviors?

But some fans aren’t buying this and the question emerged online of whether Meri and Kody are fibbing about their relationship. To some veteran Sister Wives watchers, she seemed too over the top when showing her newfound admiration for Kody Brown. He got tongue-tied while trying to answer some of the questions regarding his relationship with Meri today. Even when the couple went alone to check out properties in Flagstaff earlier in the season, she seemed to tease Kody.

Meri put her arm around him at one time as he seemed to squirm. When Kody Brown said he loved being on the property in Flagstaff, Meri pipped up asking if that included her as well. He stumbled on words but eventually managed something that sounded like it also included her.

So why would Meri Brown and her husband make it look like they’ve rebooted their love life if that’s not the case? The last season ended without a promise to the fans of another Sister Wives season from TLC. So, their seeming flirtation might have something to do with this.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

But Why Put on an Act?

If Meri wasn’t one of the Sister Wives spouses anymore, would fans tune¬†in for another season? Then, of course, these interactions between Kody Brown and his first wife offer intrigue. Viewers want to come back and see how this relationship bloomed after seeing the two looking like they’ve rekindled their love.

Its obvious Meri stayed on the sidelines during many of the scenes when this big family got together this season. The move to Flagstaff when they all landed at Robyn’s house is one of those examples. Kody’s first wife walked around holding the dog as if the pup was a security blanket. She seemed pretty much ignored.

Sister Wives: Hints In Real Time Today

On their social channels today, fans notice there’s nothing posted by Meri or Kody to indicate they are part of each other’s lives. While the season just ended, filming wrapped last summer. So what fans watched last season happened last year. Since that time, both Meri and Kody Brown have been active on social. But they share nothing about one another.

While Kody has mentioned or retweeted his other wives’ posts, there’s nothing about Meri Brown coming from him. Meri hasn’t shown any interest in social media about Kody Brown or the women she shares him with on the Sister Wives show. It sounds as if fans want to know if Meri and her hubby actually had any intention of getting back together.

Or did they go too far by pretending the relationship is on the mend to entice the viewers’ interest? Some fans think this was all a ploy in hopes of getting another season out of the TLC show.

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