‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Pouts as Robyn’s Excuse Sways Kody Brown to Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown found himself navigating through his wives Robyn and Meri Brown‘s wants and needs for a new home location in Flagstaff on Sunday’s episode. While everyone’s vote was supposed to count, it looks like Robyn Brown‘s fears may have made this decision. It appears she swayed the patriarch to go with her preference for building lots.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Pushed Aside?

Sure, the decision was supposed to be Janelle’s as she had the deciding vote. Christine and Robyn Brown wanted Coyote Pass, which was in contrast to Kody and Meri Brown’s first choice – Cottonwood.

But veteran viewers of Sister Wives know that Kody Brown always gets his way. In the later years of the SW show, it seemed Kody favored Robyn Brown out of all four wives. That may have come into play again.

Kody Brown Swayed By Robyn Brown?

So from the minute that the family landed in Cottonwood, you get the feeling it’s the last you’ll see of this location.  As Robyn looked like she smelled something foul the entire time she viewed the plot of land.

Despite both Kody and Meri Brown claiming Cottonwood as their favorite spot, it looks like Robyn Brown won out. She heard “Angels Singing” at Coyote Pass. It’s worth noting that Janelle looked into the Sister Wives cameras to say she was tired of hearing that phrase.

Who Drove the Bus on the Decision?

Hints popped up throughout the episode as to who was really driving the bus on this move. The Sister Wives filming also did a good job at disguising Robyn’s influence. She says on camera that she kept quiet.

But she also said how she kept a watchful eye on Janelle who was slated to make the deciding vote. Was it a watchful eye she kept on Janelle? Or did she throw her a dagger eye now and then indicating Cottonwood is out?

Muffle the Angels

Besides Robyn Brown hearing the Angels voices break out in song, she said that she also looked to God to guide them. Yet when it came time for that one on one with the camera she left the heavens out of her excuse.

Sister Wives co-star Robyn looked into the camera and said she couldn’t live around all those trees. Those same trees drew Meri Brown into wanting Cottonwood. Instead of letting all that heaven provides guide her, Robyn Brown claimed she feared the trees around her.

Burning Trees Vs Plague – All Very Biblical?

The fourth wife of Kody Brown grew up in a wooded area in Montana. She once had to evacuate the area due to a forest fire. For that reason, she can’t feel safe on a wooded lot. So much for leaving fate up to the heavens.

While the trees at Cottonwood bothered her, apparently the warning of Bubonic plague at Coyote Pass didn’t. While the family toured that property the real estate agent warned the Sister Wives adults to keep the kids out of the dirt.

Robyn Fears the Same Trees Meri Brown Loves

The prairie dogs carry Bubonic plague and fleas from those animals may be in the dirt. They can transmit the plague to people. That didn’t seem to sway Robyn’s decision like the trees did. Even with the plague looming under foot the angels sang for her.

Meri Brown wasn’t a happy camper through the entire Sister Wives family trip. While it looked as if she was pouting due to not getting her own way, it appears there was more to it than that. The one thing Meri treasured about the Cottonwood property was the trees. Now Robyn Brown can’t live there due to those trees. Some might find that an odd coincidence.

Only Part of the Story

While Meri Brown looked disenchanted, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that Sister Wives viewers don’t see. Even Janelle made sure to say those singing angels wore her out! Viewers did get to see Robyn say to Meri – “you are the first wife” when looking for her opinion on the properties.

Taking Meri’s thoughts on the property into consideration at that point seemed more like a ploy for the cameras. Especially after Meri barked back at Robyn – “you are the legal wife.” So was it Robyn Brown’s choice that Kody Brown went with despite saying he liked Cottonwood better? Looks that way.

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