‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Seethes as Meri Takes Her Place – Claims Kody Brown?

Sister Wives fourth spouse Robyn Brown appeared a bit peeved when Meri Brown and Kody Brown returned from Flagstaff united on a new homestead. Robyn had her heart set on moving to the spot where she “heard the angels sing” in Flagstaff, but now another plan cropped up.

This strategy appeared to ruffle Robyn’s feathers when Kody and Meri Brown returned home and announced they toured a new property. It’s a location only Kody Brown and his first wife had seen so far. So Robyn felt left out and drama ensued.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Put in Her Place?

It seems a good many fans of Sister Wives see Robyn Brown as trying to slide herself into the position of the family “matriarch”. On Sunday night’s show, it looked like Meri might put a stop to that. She appeared to stake a claim on her first wife position.

Meri’s flirtatious behavior with Kody Brown was interesting to watch. It seems the Sister Wives patriarch of this plural marriage wasn’t quite sure what to do about his wife’s playfulness. She’s not usually this way with him. That’s more the department of Robyn Brown and Christine Brown.

Trip with Two Missions – Really?

Kody Brown also acted a bit skittery, when Meri amped up the romantic quips aimed at her husband. It was just Kody and Meri Brown on this getaway. The patriarch himself claimed this trip had two missions. First, the goal of this trip was to show his first wife the property that Christine and Robyn Brown already fell in love with.

Second, Kody Brown thought it was a great opportunity to work on repairing his relationship with his first wife. He said it was a place that invited romance. However, fans have noted in the past the standoffish demeanor he often takes with wife one but now it may be warming up (but perhaps only when cameras roll).

Kody Brown Wants a Meri Brown Reboot – Or Is He All Talk?

So, it seems this trip brings out Meri Brown’s old feelings toward her husband. But he seemed like a man unsure on how to handle this. Or was this just Sister Wives camera talk for Kody – – and perhaps Meri Brown called his bluff.

After all, reports indicate the husband of four acts more like a husband of one these days. It also sounds like that infamous bedtime schedule stopped its rotation a while ago. And now, there seems to be only one bedroom Kody retires to at night – Robyn’s. By his own admission, he’s no longer intimate with the woman he married first.

What Would Robyn Brown Say?

While the other wives weren’t with Kody and Meri on this trip, obviously they would see the footage eventually as Sister Wives cameras were rolling. Was Papa Brown afraid Robyn Brown would see this? It was obvious Kody Brown was uncomfortable as Meri tried to get close.

At one point, he made a joke about this with the real estate agent there. He said Meri is “always looking for romance.” He seemed to pull away from Meri when she got close to him. Then after she asked if she could at least hold his arm, he obliged. He almost acted like he was cheating…

Robyn Seething Over Kody Jumping Ship?

It seems this trip empowered Meri a bit, which was evident once they returned home. When the four wives and Kody Brown sat down to talk about the properties, Meri Brown had her say. She made it clear to the other wives that their shared husband was on her side. The first wife of the Sister Wives clan told them their husband liked Cottonwood, the site that is Meri’s favorite as well.

He liked it better than Coyote Pass, the site third wife Christine and fourth wife Robyn Brown much preferred. When the camera panned to Robyn, she looked a bit peeved over Kody’s change of heart on properties. For the first time on this season’s Sister Wives Meri had their shared husband in her corner. This didn’t seem to sit well with #4.

Meri Claiming Her Place In Sister Wives Marriage?

Instead of Kody and the other three wives aligning against Meri, she got Kody to agree with her this time. This was so unlike what viewers witnessed earlier in the season during negotiations for her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She was up against all four that time. Well, now the tables turned in Meri’s favor.

It looks like Meri Brown reclaims her place in the family. Sister Wives fans jumped on social media with their observations over Robyn’s rather negative reaction. Despite Robyn Brown being the one legal wife of Kody Brown, there can only be one first wife and that’s Meri Brown.

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