‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Robyn’s Claws Emerge – First Wife vs Legal Wife of Kody Brown?

Sister Wives highlighted the many dysfunctional pieces to this plural marriage of Kody Brown on Sunday night’s show. This started with an incident regarding Meri Brown. It looks like Meri finally offered a hint to the deep-rooted problem she has with Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Hits Achilles Heel of Meri Brown

It appeared that claws were about to emerge between Meri Brown and Robyn Brown. While they were able to pull them in before striking, the incident pointed out the Achille’s Heal of Kody Brown’s first wife.

While the Sister Wives adults talked about their decision to purchase the Coyote Pass parcels of land, Meri remained rather quiet. She made herself clear that it wasn’t her first choice but she’s up for moving there. Still, it’s as if Kody Brown and three of his wives, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown, didn’t hear Meri.

Meri and Robyn – First Wife and Legal Wife Quips

When they asked for each other’s opinion and Robyn turned to Meri that was it. Finally, Meri’s true feelings seemed to emerge on Sunday night’s Sister Wives.

Robyn Brown attempted to get Meri to say what she’s thinking. She did this by saying, “you’re the first wife.” Meri shot back – “you’re the legal wife.” Wow, it looked as if Meri finally let it out. Is she harboring some anger over giving up her legal wife status? It looked that way.

One Wife Makes Big Changes

It seems the wife who married Kody first changed from the other Sister Wives women. While Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown tend to let Kody have the last word, Meri doesn’t.

When she told Kody she was going to help their daughter Mariah move, Kody threw a fit. The other wives deescalated the situation but Kody Brown made it clear it’s time to worry about her own move to Flagstaff. The mom of one didn’t take kindly to those words.

One Sister Wives Spouses Drives Her Own Bus

Meri looked straight into the Sister Wives camera to say no one will stop her from helping Mariah. She will be there as much as her daughter needs her to be.

That is not a tone the other three wives take with Kody. It seems obvious to him this season that Meri Brown has a mind of her own and she’s going to make the decisions that are best for her.

Sure, Meri Brown was disappointed when the choice for Coyote Pass was made but she said she’d go and enjoy living there. But the other wives, as well as Kody kept pushing her. They didn’t think she meant what she said.

Throw Caution to the Wind

Meri thought they should look for building lots after they settled into rental homes in Flagstaff. Everyone looked at her as if she had three heads. What – spoil Kody Brown’s dream?

Surprisingly, Janelle, who seems to be the most level headed when it comes to the Sister Wives finances, didn’t appear to take finances into consideration. She wanted Coyote Pass. When the landowners accepted the offer, she wanted to write a check.

The first wife pointed out that buying the properties ties up their money and they have to pay for four rental properties. Since the houses weren’t put on the market immediately, they’d be stuck with the Vegas home mortgages as well.

Poor Planning Comes Back to Bite Kody Brown

In real time the family’s been in Flagstaff now for several months and they still own three of the four Vegas houses. They didn’t sell. Kody Brown made a dire attempt to sell these homes last weekend. He appeared in a commercial for the real estate company listing their homes.

So it looks like Meri did see future problems in a correct light. It appears everyone was more invested with seeing the first wife as a naysayer than having a financially sound idea.

Not only does Kody Brown and his wives have to pay for four rental homes today but for three mortgages as well right now.  Talk about poor planning for this Sister Wives family!

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