‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Bedroom Freaks Out Kody’s Other Women

Sister Wives star Kody Brown left something on the nightstand in Robyn Brown‘s bedroom a while back that pushed the other women to new levels of anguish. Seems like this was one of the first times SW viewers got a glimpse of reality on the “reality” show.

Above all, in this throwback glimpse to 2011, the wives of Kody Brown were just getting their footing as three wives turned into four.

Sister Wives: The Four Bedrooms of Kody Brown

It was back in 2011 when the third season kicked off. As part of the TLC show, the four wives toured each other’s bedrooms. Also, in the early days of Sister Wives, the women “vehemently” swore they loved the plural lifestyle.

When the bedroom tour took place, Christine already had her go-to phrase. She repeated it during the early seasons and still does today. Christine constantly says that she always wanted to be a third sister wife. Which, of course, is her position in Kody Brown’s polygamous marriage.

Bedroom of Robyn Brown Sparks Heebie Jeebies?

Back in 2011, the four women of Sister Wives were adamant they loved their plural marriage gig despite having to share Kody Brown between them. But fans caught a different side to this marriageof-many when Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown stepped into the other wives’ bedrooms.

It appears the women were visibly squeamish at the site of the other wives’ beds. At the time Robyn Brown was pregnant and the other wives “clearly got the creeps” when it came time to see her bed.

What Did Kody Leave In Robyn’s Bedroom?

The women of the Sister Wives show stay out of the each other’s sleep spaces. After this episode aired, fans learned there’s a good reason why. It looks like it’s too much of a reminder that their husband sleeps with other women – even though they’re all his wives.

Kody Brown had left behind something on Robyn’s nightstand during this episode. This really seemed to put the other women through 50 shades of gross. So what was lying there that freaked out the ladies? It was a condom!

Simmering Animosity Against Robyn Brown

It was back in the early days of Sister Wives when animosity towards the fourth wife still simmered — especially for Janelle and Christine.

On this same episode, Kody announced the family had enough money for each wife to buy new furniture for one room in their homes. The shopping trip had Janelle seeming to chastise Robyn’s indecision.

Robyn Brown Plays Helpless Around Kody?

Back in the day, Janelle Brown told the cameras that Robyn Brown seems to act “kind of helpless” around Kody. Janelle is the voice of reason as her concern turns to the lack of employed adults in the family. At the time no one had a job, so shopping for furniture seemed irresponsible.

But that was back in the early days of the SW show. While much has changed for the Sister Wives spouses, some things stay the same. While not as apparent as on the earlier days of the show, jealousy is still alive and kicking.

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