‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Bites Back At Jealous Christine?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown wasn’t a sitting duck this time around when it looked like Christine Brown‘s jealousy surfaced during a conversation. It seems Meri was ready for her line of attack, which is something she experienced during their last sit-down. Last time, it was Meri Brown who seemed uneasy but the tables turned a bit as this time Christine Brown seemed at a loss for words.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Attempts a Fix With Christine Brown

These two wives of Kody Brown had a second conversation about their failing relationship on Sunday night’s show. Sister Wives fans got to see Meri Brown say to Christine Brown the same thing viewers were probably thinking at home – “that’s just dumb”.

At one point, Christine Brown suggested the way to feel safe around one another is to get to know each other. You can almost hear the Sister Wives audience across the nation scratch their heads. These two women have shared the same husband for almost a quarter of a century. Don’t they know each other by now?

Meri Declares It’s “Just Dumb”

Meri Brown piped up with “that’s just dumb” because “we do know each other”. It was easy to see both women were very aware that this conversation was being filmed by the Sister Wives cameras. Especially Christine Brown who seemed to have a hard time finding words.

The first and third spouses of Kody Brown tried this same conversation before. It brought nothing but online backlash for Christine as fans saw her as attacking her co-spouse. Meri also said she felt attacked by Christine as well.

While Christine Brown apologized for coming on too strong last time, she wouldn’t let go of the word “baggage”. It’s a term she used often on Sister Wives to explain her fellow sister wife’s presence.

Christine Brown Talking in Circles

Christine explained her thinking on Sunday night’s Sister Wives. She did this the same way she told Meri in the initial chat months prior. It seems Christine believes Meri comes with baggage and she doesn’t know what to do with that. Meri enters a room and she’s really “heavy,” claims Kody Brown’s number three.

Christine Brown also suggested that Meri Brown doesn’t ever ask how she is. That’s because she doesn’t know what to say if Meri tells her. For a minute there it seemed like Christine was talking in circles.

Green-Eyed Monster Drives This Sister Wives Bus?

The first woman to marry Kody Brown has a significant position within a polygamous family. Not only is it an honored place within the lifestyle, but it’s also easy to see that Meri Brown has a special place in Kody’s heart.

Although both these women looked to have a friendly relationship when Sister Wives first debuted, there was some jealousy. Now that Meri and Kody divorced, it looks like Christine Brown envies that special spot.

Sister Wives: Jealousy Takes a Different Hue

Despite Meri and Kody Brown being on the outs, she still gets a lot of Kody’s attention. She called Kody’s bluff and got Lizzie’s Heritage Inn up and running all on her own.

As she tried to get her venture going, Kody sometimes appeared as a roadblock. Christine Brown and the other wives seemed to side with Kody, leaving Meri feeling very much alone.

Now that her success is evident, Kody is back around, as fans get to see during the grand opening of Lizzie’s. It looks like the first wife once again has caught the eye of the head of the Sister Wives clan, Kody Brown.

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