‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Vying For Meri Brown’s Place?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to get some mixed messages from Christine Brown these days. It wasn’t all that long ago that Robyn Brown looked like the object of Christine’s jealousy. Is the third wife of Kody Brown feeling another twinge of envy lately?

Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown as Friend or Foe to Meri Brown?

So far on this Sister Wives season, the conversations between Christine and Meri Brown have been confusing at best. One minute Christine corners Meri and tells her she brings baggage with her into the room. This “baggage” is not good as far as Christine is concerned.

Then a while later Christine Brown advocates for everyone to rally behind Meri and her new B&B venture. How Does Meri Brown see Christine today – someone for or against her?

Robyn Brown Honeymoon Episode a Tough Pill to Swallow

Going back to when Sister Wives first came to TLC,  they filmed Robyn’s introduction into the family. When Kody Brown married Robyn, this became one of the most difficult times for his first three wives. This is something they confessed years later.

Meri Brown claims she couldn’t watch the Kody-Robyn honeymoon episode at all. While Janelle watched it, she found it hard to see. With that said, it looked like Christine Brown had the toughest time with Robyn becoming Kody’s new wife.

Christine Brown Felt ‘Inconsequential’

Christine Brown explained that horrific time in a book published by the Sister Wives family members. She claimed it “really rocked” her. She was pregnant when Kody started courting his fourth wife, followed by an “extreme” postpartum depression.

During the time that Kody courted, married, and honeymooned with Robyn, Christine felt pushed aside. Back then Christine’s jealousy emerged on the show.

It’s Kody Brown’s Attention Christine Craves?

Jump ahead a dozen seasons and Kody Brown is focused on another wife. While it’s not so much romance this time around, his attention is on Meri. Furthermore, it seems Christine Brown has the need to squeeze in there. Christine appears to behave one way in front of Kody and another way when he’s not around.

With the family focused on Meri Brown’s business venture this season, Christine seemed to insert herself into this debacle. Some Sister Wives fans suggest on social media that Christine needs to mind her own business.

When in front of Kody Brown, Christine made the attempt to keep the family on an even keel. It was Christine Brown who seemed to play cheerleader for the entire family. She was supposedly making an attempt to brighten Meri’s spirits. Although, is that really the case?

Christine Turns the Table on Meri Brown

When Christine is alone with Meri she confesses to her that she thinks her fellow sister wife brings a rather down feeling into the room. They had this conversation over Meri feeling left out of the birth of Maddie’s baby. Meri Brown was the only wive who wasn’t invited into the room.

Despite Christine Brown telling Meri that they wanted her there, she changed her tune later. Af first, when in earshot of Kody Brown, she seems to do her best to sound like a good friend to Meri.

But it’s different when she’s with Meri, without any other members of the Sister Wives clan around. Christine tells her that she personally was fine without her at Maddie’s birth. That’s due to the mood Meri tends to bring into a room, claims Christine.

Meri Hones In on Christine’s Comfort Level

On a recent episode, Meri said to Christine that she knows she’s not comfortable with her there. Christine didn’t deny Meri’s claim. As the first wife of the Sister Wives brood, Meri had a lot of responsibility.

The wife who marries the polygamous man first has a lot to do when it comes to organizing the family. She makes the schedules for everything from family dinners to the bedroom the husband occupies on any given night. It certainly looks like Christine is taken on that part from what’s seen on Sister Wives.

Looks Good for Kody Brown

This season it suddenly looks as if Christine Brown takes things over. She organized a lunch for the four wives. Then she insisted on a family picnic, which took place during the last episode. While she put together the last few outings, she did this to bring the family together. She also mentioned it might help Meri Brown.

Considering Kody is all about family, you can imagine this pleases him. But when she’s with Meri Brown alone, or while talking alone into the Sister Wives camera, she doesn’t sound that invested in keeping Meri happy. So is Christine vying to get Meri out of there? Is her idea to take Meri’s place as the head of the wives for the Sister Wives?

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