‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Pursued Teenager – Meri & Christine Confirm Details

Sister Wives is back and Kody Brown is in the spotlight – this time for allegedly dating an underage girl. Christine Brown and Meri Brown drew attention to Kody’s past courtship of a teen in a book the family published. It looks like the man with four wives would have had five, but one potential wife got away.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Chooses Young Wife for Kody Brown

According to first wife Meri Brown, it seems Kody Brown once dated a teenage girl years ago. She wrote in the book that the girl they were courting was 18. But Christine Brown clarified that when he and Meri Brown first began pursuing the girl, she wasn’t of legal age.

Reportedly, Kody had his wife’s support to pursue this relationship. The first Brown wife played a big part in him courting her, as confirmed by two of the Brown wives. Both Meri and Christine recall the dating story in a book the family penned – Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage. 

Meri and Christine Brown: Different Takes on Teen Romance

In this book, the Sister Wives stars take turns narrating. When it was Meri’s turn, she told the story of a girl she met when she and Kody Brown were newly married. They were in their early 20s when this happened.

In the family memoir, the first Brown wife shared that this was the first courtship she and Kody Brown pursued when they began seeking a sister wife. As viewers know, in this lifestyle, the husband and wife/wives court any potential wife together. But Christine tells a slightly different story.

Meri Brown Wanted Teen Girl as Sister Wife

The family book says that Meri and Kody met this girl at a church gathering. Although it was she who was interested at first. Then, she prompted her husband into the courtship. In the Sister Wives family book, Meri said it was destiny that brought them together with the girl.

Meri and this unnamed girl spent a lot of time together without Kody Brown. She also admitted to some jealousy when her hubby had alone time with the teen. But Meri claimed she dealt with it maturely because this is all part of their plural marriage lifestyle.

Christine Brown Confirms Kody Wooed Underage Girl

Christine Brown claimed the girl was underage when she narrated her part in the Sister Wives book. This was before Christine married Kody Brown. At the time, she was friends with both Meri and her husband. She wrote in the book that Meri Brown would call to tell her all about the courting process.

Christine Brown said she didn’t want to discuss anything about Kody dating this woman. She also said that both the Browns waited to openly talk about an engagement to this girl until she was legally an adult (18 years old).

Meri Sees Wonderful Future

In the book, Meri wrote how she imagined a “wonderful future together” with this teen girl. She said she looked forward to them being best friends she would be a second wife for Kody. Christine Brown said she tried to avoid phone calls from Meri at the time because she didn’t want to hear about this courtship. Christine claims they entered a “prolonged” courtship waiting for the girl to turn 18.

There were no details from the Sister Wives book on why this first plural relationship ultimately failed. But when it did, Meri said she was crushed. But it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of plural marriage. Within a few years, Kody married Janelle and then Christine Brown. Now he’s got Robyn Brown, too. Tune into TLC on Sunday nights to watch the new episodes.

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