‘Sister Wives’: Christine Imitates Meri Brown – Latest Attempt to Lure Kody Back Her Way?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown endured some disparaging behavior from Christine Brown during the last few seasons of the TLC reality show. But now it looks like that old adage that claims imitation is the highest form of flattery comes into play. It appears as if Christine Brown mirrors the actions of the Sister Wives matriarch, which may or may not flatter Meri Brown today.

In the last few seasons, the third wife of Kody Brown didn’t seem to show too much love towards the first wife of the Sister Wives family. Christine Brown basically told Meri Brown she’d rather not be around her. She also told Meri that she brings heavy “baggage” into a room with her.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Struggled With Christine Brown

Christine Brown said that she didn’t like to be around Meri as she felt uncomfortable around her Sister Wives co-spouse. The third wife also seemed to side with Kody, who was experiencing a rough time in his marriage with Meri at the time.

Christine Brown didn’t sugar coat it for Meri and fans saw how this hurt the matriarch at the time. You can hear that conversation in the video posted below in this article.

Then as the season went on it appeared Kody Brown and Meri started to patch things up. Their trip alone to Cottonwood and Coyote Pass even gave way to a few moments of romantic-like gestures.

At one point they walked the path at Coyote Pass with their arms around each other. But that was short-lived during an episode of Sister Wives, as Kody pulled away. During their final episode where they sat down for the Tell All segment Kody said it was like dating Meri all over again.

Meri piped up and said he could call her anytime and she’ll drop what she’s doing to spend time with him. She even called her Sister Wives husband a few different terms of endearment on that stage.

Christine’s facial grimaces were fleeting but fans pointed them out. It didn’t appear to sit well with Christine as Kody and Meri Brown flirted with each other on that Tell All.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Kody Brown – Look At Me

Sister Wives followers believe Christine goes all out attempting to get Kody Brown’s attention. Fans also suggest that Christine’s recent weight loss has something to do with her looking her best for her shared husband.

Now jump ahead to real-time today and Christine Brown seems to mirror her Sister Wives co-spouse Meri in recent posts. Meri’s a LuLaRoe superstar sales associate. She goes on all these trips because she’s earned them with the company. She just got back from another cruise last weekend.

Veteran Sister Wives enthusiasts believe one of the things Kody Brown finds attractive is money. It looks like Meri Brown is racking up the dough with sales. While Christine has sold LuLaRoe for a while now, she didn’t seem to put as much effort into it as Meri. That is until now.

Christine started her own FB sales site just like Meri did. She’s now also making videos like Meri does to engage the fans. It even appears that she incorporated Janelle Brown to help her. So it looks like potential customers of Christine’s LuLaRoe offerings got two Sister Wives celebs instead of one.

Today it looks like she’s one-upped Meri by offering a duo of celebs for her customers. But as fans watch the video, you notice Janelle does all the work. Christine Brown just chats with Janelle as well as reading the real-time comments and answering them. The posted screenshots above come from that video.

Sister Wives: Imitation Best Form Of Flattery?

Christine came out and said she finds Meri hard to be around during one of the past Sister Wives episodes. But yet, she’s mimicking the woman she finds so aggravating.

To some Sister Wives watchers, the separate online posts of both Meri and Christine Brown tell a new story today. It seems to fans that Christine has pleasing Kody in mind more so than the other wives. She demonstrated this through the decade of Sister Wives seasons.

Fans also know that money is an important factor in Kody Brown’s life. This plays out over and over again during the Sister Wives round table chats about finances between all the spouses.

Today it appears Meri Brown is one of the major breadwinners in the family, if not the top earner among her co-spouses. Chances are Kody Brown has more than noticed this while at home in Flagstaff. So if Meri Brown captured the attention of Kody due to financial gain then Christine probably noticed.

So it stands to reason Christine Brown would imitate Meri’s sales tactics. It looks like Christine is doing just that today with her LuLaRoe plan of attack for sales. Again, while she sold LuLaRoe all along, just recently she looks as if she put her sales pitch on steroids.

It appears she’s imitating Meri by striking similar poses in LuLaRoe clothes. She also amped up her sales pitch with a new site and engaging her fans in videos just like her Sister Wives sales associate powerhouse. It might be odd to see this imitation especially for those fans who remember Christine’s line of verbal attack on Meri.

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