‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Lets Loose Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Sister Wives star Meri Brown engages in what looks like a midlife crisis today and she’s dropping jaws around every corner while doing so. Her fans couldn’t be happier for the star of the TLC reality show. The first wife of Kody Brown stuns her fans as her newfound independence brings out a Meri Brown not often seen on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Updates: Meri Brown Howls – Let’s Her Hair Way Down

The original Sister Wives matriarch is on yet another cruise. But instead of a few vacation photos like she’s previously posted during her journies on the high-seas, she’s shared much more. Who knew Meri Brown fancies herself a karaoke singer. Not to mention she did a bang-up job at belting out the tunes.

In an Instagram video that’s already wiped off her page, this Sister Wives spouse showcased her talent. The several screenshots below display all this talent spewing forth from Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Singing Partner Has His Facial Grimaces Down Pat

Meri Brown had all the facial expressions going for the several songs she sang on stage. But her unnamed side-kick, who appears with her in the video, had a facial expression for every emotion you can imagine.

When the song was sad, the fan-favorite from Sister Wives got her sad face going along with her singing partner. This guy looks like an expert at demonstrating feelings via facial grimaces. He also looks like a lot of fun to be around as he shows up often in photos with Meri on her LuLaRoe trips.

Never mind her friend, it looks like Meri Brown is a lot of fun as well. Gone are the days of her trailing behind her shared husband and four co-wives. Meri’s outings today center on travel. It’s almost as if she finds her LuLaRoe family a better fit than her Sister Wives brood.

Sister Wives: Meri Unplugged Next Season?

The video above reminds the Sister Wives enthusiasts just how much Meri gave up for her Sister Wives marriage. Unlike in traditional marriages, Meri never had a spouse to call her own.

Now as she experiences an empty nest with Mariah Brown in Chicago, it looks like the next chapter is all about Meri. Another bit of good news – fans may get to see more of this Sister Wives chapter as Meri Brown lives large today.

Several of Meri Brown’s selfies on this trip showed this Sister Wives celeb had the same people behind her. They carried clipboards and other objects you’d expect to see a production crew haul along with them.

So it appears that TLC might have branched out a bit in filming locations. It’s quite possible they filmed this traveling wife on her journey for the new season.

For the Meri Brown fans out there, this would be a breath of fresh air. It was obvious to many viewers last season that Meri found herself stuck at times. Fans thought it looked as if she just went through the motions when dealing with some of the Brown clan, especially Kody Brown.

So there you have it, Meri Brown knows how to let loose and have fun. The evidence that she posted online from this latest trip points to this.

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