‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Accused of Neglecting His Duties as New Season Films

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is in the scope of some disgruntled followers online today after recent family photos surfaced sparking concern. The latest pictures of the Brown brood online just seem to rub some fans the wrong way.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives clan quickly jumped online recently to comment on something seemingly important to him. But just as quickly, Kody Brown then retreated back to his online silence.

Sister Wives: Where is Kody Brown?

It seems the family photos in question showed two of his co-wives spending time with the kids. It looks like Christine took a bunch of the Sister Wives offspring to a park in Arizona, “Bearizona”.

Madison Brown Brush and Caleb Brush visited the family over the past few days. It appears they too joined the family outing with their two children, Axel Brown and their infant baby girl, Evangalynn Kodi Brush.

Fans give kudos to Christine Brown, for being the Kool-Aid mom out of the Sister Wives tribe. She seems to be front and center when it comes to the kids. But at the same time, Kody Brown’s absence seemed to spark concern in some of his fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Truely Brown - Janelle Brown -Maddie Brown - Sheryl Usher - Evangalynn Kodi Brush


Single Parent Families

One fan came right out and described how it looks when Kody is missing from the Sister Wives family outing pictures. To the fans, it seems as if his wives, Christine in this case, are left to fend for themselves like single moms.

Kody Brown recently took to his online site to tease fans about his hair. Veteran Sister Wives viewers know all too well how Kody’s mane is his bane of existence. After someone online posted a comical comment about his hair, Kody emerged from his silence. At the time, he offered a new selfie in retaliation. A few days later, he went a bit further and posted a throw-back video all about Kody Brown’s hair.

But that was it. Apparently, Kody’s hair was important enough for him to post online after a long duration of silence. So why not break the silence to take part in family events?

In the meantime, Christine and Janelle appear to be very active with the Sister Wives kids via the photos online. Christine especially is all over the place with the Brown children. From concerts to dinners, she takes her own biological kids as well as the kids born to her co-wives seemingly everywhere kids love to go.

Janelle also spent some quality time this weekend with her kids and her mom. She proudly displayed a photo of four generations of women in her biological family.

The photo contained Janelle, her mom Sheryl Usher, Maddie, and Maddie’s new baby daughter. Up until recently, it seemed Kody was at the center of all his offspring’s events, like the one in the video below where he announces a family vacation a few years ago.

Sister Wives: Co-Spouses Spread Out as Filming Gets Underway?

Robyn Brown, who is the mom of five kids including Kody’s two youngest children, also continues the silent treatment online. She is as mysterious as Kody Brown these days.

Sister Wives matriarch Meri Brown appears to have found a silver lining in her empty nest these days. With her only daughter Mariah Brown now living in Chicago, she lives life large with her LuLaRoe associates.

Meri is on another cruise this week but her recent photos offer up a clue to the filming of the new season. It looks like a few Sister Wives production crew members were captured in a few of her vacation photos.

Two women appear behind Meri. They’re also seen over her shoulder with clipboards in several selfies she’s offered online. A while back a couple of Sister Wives adult kids confirmed that the show will continue. So it appears the new season is in the works today.

Still, fans seem a bit irate at Kody Brown’s seemingly absence in the recent family photos of the Sister Wives. Since he broke his online silence to defend his hair, fans would also like to see him break his silent routine to join in with the family activities.

So are the co-wives from the Sister Wives show really navigating through life today like single moms? Or is there a reason Kody stays seemingly in the dark? He’s certainly getting enough publicity for his lack of family time. Or at least this is the way it looks to some fans. Maybe this a TLC ploy to keep the fans interested in Sister Wives?

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