‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Hide Space for Fifth Wife In Big House Blueprints?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might have included room for a possible fifth wife in his future housing plans just in case he married again. If Kody was to take on another wife, where would he put her? The answer to that question might be found in those blueprints the Sister Wives patriarch had drawn up secretly.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pushes One Monstrosity of a Big House?

Last season Kody Brown pushed for a gigantic house. One that housed all four wives and his slew of kids. He wanted the large dwelling to take the place of the four homes his wives expect to build on the Coyote Pass land. Kody Brown even went as far as having blueprints for this castle-like dwelling drawn up secretly. Sister Wives fans didn’t get to see Kody present these plans to his wives. So it looks like this is bound to happen next season.

While there’s nothing official about a new season from TLC yet, the family has cameras in tow. When it comes to the Sister Wives family, this offers a good indication it’s going to happen. Usually, the cameras are spotted before TLC passes along word of the show’s renewal. The fate of Kody Brown’s big house ended up as one of the cliffhangers last season. Those blueprints got a lot of airtime. Not to mention, they had to cost a good deal to have them professionally done. So it looks like they’re an important piece to future Sister Wives episodes.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Blueprints

Room for One More Wife in the Plans?

Kody Brown showed the finished drafts of this big house to his brother. That’s when the fans could see that Robyn Brown got the lion’s share of space in the Kody Brown Sister Wives mansion. It’s also obvious that a much smaller space went to Meri Brown. Some fans hopped online to call Meri’s section in the proposed big house nothing more than glorified closet space. But if you take a good look at the plans for the two-story home, it looks like there’s room enough for another small apartment.

The blueprints offer a great room in the middle of all the Wives’ apartments. Kody wanted this space for all the Sister Wives clan to share on the first floor. But directly above this space on the second floor, it looks like a ballroom-size hallway. Considering that’s not an exit out of the house, why have a hallway that gigantic?

The plans show the second floor with the same amount of space as the great room and a shared kitchen below it on the first floor. Anyway, it’s feasible to think another small apartment would fit into that space. Even with a staircase going up to the second floor. He could also take away one of Robyn’s several adjacent bedrooms if need be.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Blueprints

Sister Wives:  Love Should be Multiplied… Again?

This might also explain why Kody wants to take four building lots and erect one big house instead of four single dwellings. If he were thinking about another wife at the time then separate homes would mean no room for her. While Kody never offered any indication he was in the wooing mood for a new wife during the last season of Sister Wives, look at him today in real life today.

Reports have him looking pretty buff and hanging out at the gym a lot. It looks like fans spotted that he forgot to wear his wedding ring while out at the gym. But some people do leave their jewelry at home when working out. Also, recent reports have Kody Brown staying at just one of his four wives’ homes lately and that would be Robyn’s house. So it appears there are some problems brewing with a few of the wives. That is only if the newest Sister Wives chatter rings true.

Will Dollar Signs Deter Papa Brown?

Kody Brown is all about having kids and a new younger wife might help with the Sister Wives adding more offspring. Although, now that he’s looking at paying for weddings and college tuition, it’s hard to believe he’d want more than 18 kids.

Kody, 50, would be close to 70 as any child born today entered college. But it’s all part of the greater scheme of things to hear him talk about having kids. So will he or will he not go for wife number five in the up and coming season? Some viewers think season 14 will be the season for this big addition of another wife and possibly one big house.

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