Sister Wives: Kody Brown Surfaces After Ego Stroked – Another Mirror, Mirror On the Wall?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown‘s latest online post might suggest he likes the attention that came his way after a fan’s recent tweet. It appears Kody’s reply to that fan suddenly turned into a modern-day version of an old story. The story that asks the question – “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”?

In this case, it looks like the fairest of them all is Kody Brown. Or at least that’s how some of the fans of this TLC celeb see him. The Sister Wives patriarch remained unusually quiet online for months with nothing more than a few political retweets to his followers. That is until someone mentioned one of his greatest assets.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tweet Snowballs

Sister Wives follower recently tweeted a post about Kody Brown’s hair, calling it a “rat trap”. It was a joke and the tweet showed evidence of his wild and out of control mane in photos. For some reason, this tweet about his hair prompted Papa Brown to break his online silence. He retaliated with a tweet of his own about his coiffure.

Kody posted a selfie that shows off his gray curls and offered a one-word question to the person who called his locks a “rat trap”. He asks, “Happy?” The twitter user did tweet back that she was happy and she also shared how she happens to like his new look. While it might appear that the Sister Wives husband took aim to win that one follower over with his tweet, it snowballed.

That’s where the mirror, mirror, bit comes in. It seems Kody’s tweet got so much attention that it appears as a great ego booster for the father of 18. Or at least some of the comments do. Sister Wives enthusiasts hopped online to tell Kody how cute, handsome and even distinguished he looked. He replied by writing, “Ah Shucks”.

Swooning or Suggestion of a Clean Shave

Of course, the Sister Wives naysayers had their fun as well. Several requests surfaced asking him to shave his head. Not to mention the other negative comments that popped up between the swooning going on.

Then a few days went by and the hoopla waned. It’s like that mirror didn’t talk back to Kody Brown as loud as it originally did. So instead of letting those comments fade into the Sister Wives sunset, Kody put up another mirror. This time in the form of a video.

It looks like the Sister Wives papa found a new ego-stroking tool. Maybe he’s going under the motto, if you build it they will come? So Kody dug way back into the archives to present another little diddy about his hair. He then presented it to his followers – “Speaking of my hair, here’s a memory before the greying changed the texture.”

Reports indicate the Sister Wives crew is currently filming a new season but it’s been a while since fans got their fix of Kody Brown and his four wives. So when Kody tweets, fans seem to jump right in to see what he has to say.

Most hope he’ll offer up info on the new season but that didn’t happen. Instead, they get Kody Brown and his hair. But they did get an explanation from the man with four wives about the texture of his hair. It seems he believes his hair changed to gray causing his mane to take on a new texture.

Sister Wives: Bounce, Blow, and Tassle My Hair

In the video, which is seen above, Kody flips his hair and lets it blow in the wind. He even dances where his hair bounces to the beat. Yes, this is an Ode to Kody Brown’s hair. So the title says anyway.

But… unlike his selfie, which caused droves of Sister Wives fans to flock to the comment section, he only got two comments so far. They both offer the same question. It seems they want to know what’s up with the show and when they can expect the new season.

So it looks like Kody’s hair got its 15 minutes of fame online when retaliating to that Twitter user. But an attempt at a reboot didn’t pan out very well. It looks like that tool for stroking his ego fell flat this time around. Well, at least it was good while it lasted. Kody even got a “smouldering hot” comment about his looks the first time around.

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