‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Vanity May Take a Hit As Grandpa Lines Blur

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is probably feeling a bit older today as the line finally blurred between the generations of the Brown clan. The patriarch of the Sister Wives clan always wanted a large family and that’s what he got. Including himself, he’s accumulated over two dozen immediate family members.

He’s said he always wanted a big family many times during his decade-long reign on the TLC reality show. Now with a brood of kids ranging in age from 25-years-old to a toddler, a new question crops up. Instead of people just commenting about his kids in the online posted pictures, they now have to ask for clarification on whether or not that’s his child or grandchild.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Feeling His Age Today?

Needless to say, Kody succeeded with his large Sister Wives brood. Today, he boasts 18 kids all sharing his DNA. Now as a new generation of the Brown family emerges, the line between grandchildren and children is blurred and people are starting to ask if the little ones are his kids or his grandkids.

Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush just blessed the Sister Wives tribe with a second grandchild. They even gave their daughter the middle name of Kodi, after the Sister Wives patriarch. Little Evangalynn Kodi Brush was born last month. She makes the second grandchild for Kody Brown.

All four wives claim the baby and her big brother Axel James Brush, age 2, as their grandchildren. But Kody Brown and Janelle Brown are the biological grandparents of Maddie Brown Brush’s kids.

Lines Start to Blur Between Brown Family Generations

It wasn’t all that long ago that Robyn Brown gave birth to Kody Brown’s eighteenth child, Ariella May. Sister Wives viewers remember Robyn’s last pregnancy and then the birth of Ariella in 2016.

At three-years-old, the baby of the Brown clan is just getting out of the toddler stage. Ariella is also an aunt to Maddie Brown’s son who is only two as well as an aunt to her newborn daughter.

Robyn’s next oldest child is Solomon Brown. He is seven-years-old and the first child that Kody Brown and Robyn had together. Plus, Kody adopted Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage.

So, Kody’s own younger children and his grandchildren are close in age. This probably explains why Kody’s picture of Ariella Brown with her nephew Axel Brush picked up a few questions for the dad of 18. Since the picture posted a while back, Axel was a baby in the photo and Ariella is the older child. But it seems to confuse some fans.

Chances are that’s not the first time questions popped up on this topic for the Sister Wives head honcho, Papa Brown. While walking around with his two youngest children, Ariella and Solomon, it would seem easy to mistake the Sister Wives dad for the grandfather of these kids.

Kody Brown will turn 52 in January and Robyn, 40, is his youngest wife. She’s younger than the other three wives in this Sister Wives family by close to a decade.

Sister Wives: Ariella Brown - Axel Brush

Sister Wives: Papa Kody Brown Fancies Himself a Young and a Rather Hip Dad?

Veteran Sister Wives fans know Kody has a vain streak running through him. You only have to watch his hair ritual to realize he’s a primper when it comes to getting his coiffure just right. He also hits the gym on a frequent basis, so his looks seem very important to him.

Mistaking him as the grandfather of his own kids probably wouldn’t float his boat. His kids range from the age of 25 years-old down to three-years-old. Kody Brown’s son Logan Brown is the oldest child in the Brown clan and Ariella is the youngest so far.

Chatter online these days suggest Robyn Brown’s mysterious disappearance from online posts and family pictures might mean she’s pregnant. That’s a big maybe because no further evidence has surfaced other than a picture this summer.

Debate on Robyn Brown Growing the Family

Fans of the Sister Wives show debated online whether or not Robyn looked pregnant after a picture surfaced this summer. She was at a parade sitting in a lawn chair and she topped her outfit off with a granny hat. Or at least fans described it that way at the time.

If Robyn is in the family way this means Kody’s new baby would be younger than his grandchildren. Then the lines will really blur. Kody Brown will probably end up fielding questions about being a father or a grandfather when he’s out in public with his own little ones.

Especially if there’s truth in that chatter and another baby is in the cards for the man with four wives. When asked in recent interviews, Robyn didn’t rule out another baby. She said it’s up to a higher power to decide whether she has another baby or not. And no, she didn’t mean Kody.

Fans will probably find out the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of Robyn Brown online when the new Sister Wives season airs. Right now it looks as if they’re filming so the premiere of the next season can’t be too far away.

But it still looks like Kody Brown reached that age where his little ones start to be mistaken as his grandchildren. That’s probably not going to float the patriarch’s boat. But it was inevitable as his older kids are now at the age to start their own families and Kody might not yet be done with offspring.

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