‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Robyn – Bedroom Embarrassment Surfaces Again

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is one of the most modest of Kody Brown‘s wives so when this embarrassing incident occurred it had to be mortifying. Viewers of this TLC show find it fascinating to see the daily activities of the Sister Wives clan. But it’s the nighttime activities of a man who boasts four wives that seems to be the real fascination for the followers of this tribe.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Her Famous Nightstand

It appears the Sister Wives celebs know this as well. During several interviews throughout their reign on primetime TV, they’ve said as much. Kody Brown and his four wives talked about the most asked questions they fielded from fans. These questions include jealousy between the wives and everything there is to tell about the bedroom schedule.

When Sister Wives first graced the TV sets across the nation, they were quite the phenomenon among families. Their untraditional lifestyle pushed them up in ratings almost immediately. Watching the wives of Kody Brown get together for meal prep and childcare was one thing. But seeing the interaction between a man and his four women really piped up the curiosity.

Then a viewer spotted spotted something on Robyn Brown’s nightstand.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Keeps the Schedule

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown talked about a schedule Kody Brown keeps. This entails him spending every fourth night at each wives’ house. While each of Kody’s Sister Wives have their own bedroom, Kody shares all four.

While the wives said they try to avoid situations that spark jealousy, that can’t always be avoided. Fans got a first-hand look at this during an early Sister Wives season. Kody Brown’s four wives toured all four bedrooms with cameras in tow. It was easy to see the level of discomfort they experienced in another wives’ bedroom.

The women also said they stay out of the other wives’ bedrooms because they know what happens in that room. That’s where Kody sleeps with another woman.

Christine said during one of the more recent episodes on how it isn’t always easy to be friends with the woman her husband Kody is sleeping with. In this case, each wife has three other women sleeping with their shared husband.

Sister Wives: Sacred Bedroom of Robyn Brown

So several years back when the wives toured all the bedrooms on camera, something unexpected reportedly happened. When they came to the bedroom Robin Brown occupies, the wives became a bit antsy. That’s because they allegedly spotted something on Robyn Brown’s nightstand that Kody Brown had left behind from the night before.

While it wasn’t mentioned by name on the show, some very astute Sister Wives viewers caught what was on that nightstand. It was also easy to see that the Sister Wives ladies became overly uncomfortable at the time.

That just reminded them that the man they love was with another woman the night before. Kody Brown is also very aware of how easily jealousy sparks among his Sister Wives women. For that reason, he’s always had a rule not to show romantic affection to any of his wives while the others are within eyesight.

A story spun out of Sister Wives show points to a condom on the nightstand. To this day fans aren’t sure if this is really what happened or a modern legend to surface out of the Sister Wives episode. While the touring of the bedrooms did occur, it’s not like Meri, Janelle, or Christine pointed that item on the nightstand.

Again, a few armchair sleuths at home seemed to pinpoint what Kody Brown left on the nightstand. But it’s a story that just doesn’t go away. Recently it’s making the rounds again online. It looks like TLC’s Sister Wives now has a bit of folklore.

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