‘Sister Wives’: Was Robyn Brown Penniless When She First Eyed Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown joined Kody Brown in marriage but what did she bring with her by way of fiances to her new family life? Fans of the TLC reality series know that Robyn Brown divorced her first husband. But her finances as a single parent of three remained under wraps when she entered the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: When Robyn Brown Met Kody Brown

It seems the Sister Wives adults all pool their assets, including paychecks. Then they use one giant cookie jar to disperse the money to all their bills. So, did Robyn enter this plural marriage with any assets?

Robyn Brown’s set-up when she first became introduced to the Sister Wives patriarch is unknown. Information such as if she rented or owned a home never surfaced on the show.

Basically, the only info released for the sake of the storylines is that she lived about 3-hours away by car from the Brown family before she moved to Lehi to be closer to Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

A Hint She Lacked Assets?

Something Robyn Brown said in a book the Sister Wives wrote years ago offers a hint into Robyn’s finances. When Kody met his future wife, she was a divorced single mother of three living in a different part of Utah.

Robyn attended a party at her cousin’s house and there she met her future husband, Kody Brown. Reba, Robyn’s cousin called Robyn and suggested she come back to Lehi for a visit. Kody Brown showed some interest in her and Reba thought this future Sister Wives bride should get to know him.

So,  after much struggling with herself over pursuing a man with three wives. Robyn agreed to come. While Robyn Brown wanted to become a wife in a plural marriage, she never saw herself as wife number four. It seems most men in their church have two wives and while a few have three, four wives are pretty rare.

Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: No Big Bucks Here

While Robyn Brown decided if she should drive the three hours to Lehi and stay with Rebi so she could visit Kody, another problem surfaced. Even if she did decide to go, she didn’t have enough money for the gas to get her there.

Reba wanted her cousin to give Kody and the Sister Wives brood a try on for size. She thought the family looked like a good fit for her cousin. So, Reba told Robyn that she’d pay for the gas for her trip to Lehi.

Now, this was just before Kody and Robyn started their relationship. Their engagement was long in the Sister Wives world. But not in the real world. They courted, became engaged, and married in 2010. So, Robyn not able to pay for gas happened about a year before she became the spiritual Mrs. Brown – Kody’s fourth wife.

While it’s not known if Robyn came to the Sister Wives with any finances of her own, this hint surfaced. If she didn’t have enough money to pay for gas to make a three-hour drive, what does that say? So, from the future fourth wife’s own words about the gas, it sounds like she was in dire straits. Most folks could put gas on a credit card.

Kody Brown did say in the book that he worried when he was moving Robyn to Lehi. He was in bad shape financially and he worried where he would get the money to support Robyn and the kids. So it sounds as if Kody planned to support Robyn Brown as she joined his family.

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