‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Phobia Clashes With New Lavish Home?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown couldn’t agree with Meri Brown and Kody Brown a while back over land in Flagstaff due to childhood trauma. Meri and Kody Brown liked a wooded mountainside area called Cottonwood. That’s back when the Sister Wives clan searched for the property before moving to Flagstaff.

Back then Robyn heard the “angels sing” at Coyote Pass along her with Sister Wives co-spouse Christine Brown. Apparently, due to that reaction, Robyn picked Coyote Pass as the place for the Sister Wives family to settle. But at first, it looked like a toss-up between Cottonwood and Coyote Pass. That’s until Robyn Brown presented the problem she had with living in a wooded area.

Sister Wives: No Woods for Robyn Brown?

Both Meri and Kody favored the building sites in Cottonwood. But while Robyn Brown and Christine liked Coyote Pass, Janelle Brown said she didn’t care either way. The second wife of Kody Brown said she’d go along with whatever decision the family made.

Still, in the last season, Meri made it clear to the Sister Wives tribe how she liked Cottonwood more than Coyote Pass. The shared husband of four started out with the same mindset. But suddenly he swayed towards Robyn’s choice.

So while Meri liked Cottonwood, Robyn didn’t. Kody’s last and youngest wife then shared the story of once being near a wildfire in her childhood home. It sounded as if her family worried as the fire drew near. This scared a young Robyn at the time.

For that reason, this Sister Wives celeb found it uncomfortable to live in a home surrounded by woods. It sounded as if she carried that wildfire experience right through into her adult life.

But recently Robyn’s phobia seemed to suddenly lift. The photos below show the new luxury home Robyn Brown now owns. It cost more than the family-owned property in Coyote Pass. But most of all reports put the dwelling in a heavily treed area in rural Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

What About the Land Sitting Vacant?

Recent reports indicate that Kody Brown and Robyn Brown purchased a new $900,000 home in a rural area of Flagstaff. It seems the rental home this Sister Wives mom lived in from the time she first landed in Arizona was sold by her landlord.

From what the reports indicate, this new home is in a heavily wooded area. So maybe Robyn got over that phobia that wouldn’t allow her to vote for Cottonwood.

Either way, the dream property purchased by Kody Brown and his Sister Wives spouses sits without a dwelling. At the same time, Robyn moves into luxury digs in Flagstaff. Not to mention it’s surrounded by trees, something Robyn couldn’t bear to live with when first picking out the family community property.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn’s Phobia Just Selective?

The sudden urgency the Sister Wives patriarch displayed to move to Flagstaff baffled his family. Two of his adult children addressed this on the Sister Wives show. Aspyn Brown said she didn’t know what her father was running from at the time this whirlwind move started.

Before the family made this move Sister Wives followers learned Robyn’s oldest son enrolled in a Flagstaff college. This led fans to believe that Robyn pushed this relocation so she could still keep Dayton Brown at home with her while he attended classes.

Now Coyote Pass, the 20-acre property the family paid $820,000 for, still sits void of any dwellings. Reports indicate they haven’t even broken ground on the site as of yet. But Robyn gets that dream home with Kody for $900,000.

One of the questions coming out of this Sister Wives scenario centers on Robyn Brown. So how did Robyn got over that fear of wooded areas? At the very least, how did she learn to live with it.? Or…  was Robyn’s phobia of wooded areas just selective at the time?

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