‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Faces One of Her Worst Nightmares?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown continues to keep mysteriously to herself after dropping off the face of the virtual world several months ago. Now with the latest news, it looks like one of her worst nightmares have come home to roost. Out of all the Sister Wives adults from this famous plural marriage, she was the only one to voice her opinion about future promises to the family.

Robyn Brown made this suggestion during the last Sister Wives season. Basically, she couldn’t guarantee following the family again if by chance Flagstaff wasn’t their final destination. She disliked the upheaval of moving immensely for both her and her children.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Surrounded By Mystery

The last word from the Sister Wives clan was that they intended to remain in Flagstaff. Along with the intention to build another Vegas-like grouping of dwellings on Coyote Pass. Or in Kody Brown’s case, his wishful thinking for one massive home on the land.

Either way, the Sister Wives brood’s intentions were to live in temporary homes in Flagstaff until the house or houses went up on the Coyote Pass land they own. So the four wives scattered all over town, with at least one home about 30 minutes in travel time away from the others.

Three of the Sister Wives women rented homes, with one, Christine Brown, purchasing her temporary house. But Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, and Robyn Brown, all settled into high-end rental properties.

Reports emerged this week indicating two of the rental properties that the Sister Wives ladies call home right now are on the market. But a new report this weekend indicates that the house Robyn Brown occupies is already sold to a new owner.


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Too Many Wives – So Little Houses?

The only house featured in the last season of Sister Wives happened to be Robyn Brown’s house. The entire family landed there with a caravan of moving vehicles when they first rolled into town.

Along with Robyn’s rental property, it seems the house that Meri Brown rents is also in now on the market for sale, according to new reports. But it seems it hasn’t sold as of yet. It looks like as of August 1, reports indicate Robyn’s house now has a new owner. So, it’s unknown what this means to Robyn Brown and her arm of the Sister Wives tribe.

Chances are if someone purchased the million-dollar home she lives in, they’ll probably want to move in themselves. So it’s possible Robyn Brown faces moving again, which is something she doesn’t like to do. But what about Coyote Pass? It seems the Sister Wives family remains closed-mouth about the progress or lack of progress on the building there.

Both Janelle Brown and Meri Brown posted recent pictures of scenery that looks like Coyote Pass. Janelle even hinted they planned to look at the view during their Sister Wives dinner that same night she posted the picture of the view.

Meri is seen letting her unleashed dog Mosby run free on land that looked like Coyote Pass in an Instagram video she posted. While there’s no sign of a building or even any construction, both women seem to gravitate to that property.

While the construction of the homes might be out of the camera’s view for a reason, it could be part of what they’re filming for the new season. But if houses were in the process of going up, some Sister Wives fan in the area would probably jump online with pictures to show an update.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: What Does Fate Have In Store for Robyn’s Living Situation?

But as of today reports put Meri’s rental home on the market and Robyn’s rented mansion new purchased by a new owner. If Robyn Brown has to move again, she’s probably facing one of her worse nightmares.

Especially if the new owners want her out right away and Coyote Pass is not ready for her to move into. That means house hunting again for another rental property for the youngest wife of this Sister Wives plural marriage.

With no known progress on the land they own and one rental home sold, with the other on the market, this sounds like a setback for their living situation. But if there’s no progress on the building of their new homes does Kody Brown have another plan in place?

Will Kody Brown Revisit a Utah Move?

The Sister Wives patriarch always wanted to move back to Utah. He talked about that last season. Did he set his sights on another move and is that why the family is still scattered all over Flagstaff? If it’s Utah he has in his sights this would be Robyn’s worst nightmare.

Both Robyn and Kody Brown remain mum online. Kody popped his head into social media around Father’s Day. Robyn’s posts stopped in March and she even shut down her online business from taking orders at the time. It still remains dormant and not accepting orders today.

The fourth wife of Kody Brown showed up in a photo at a parade this summer. The Sister Wives kids and Christine Brown sat with her on the curbside waiting for the event to begin. But after that nothing showed up online about Robyn Brown.

That photo started a buzz online that she possibly might be pregnant once again. Both Kody and Robyn stopped their posts for quite some time now on social media. So what’s Robyn’s fate in Flagstaff?

It looks like she’s got a lot on her plate if the house she lives in sold right out from under her. If Kody hasn’t got the new houses started yet, that means another temporary transition for the woman who’s the mom to Kody Brown’s youngest kids.

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