‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Snaps – Goes After Kody Brown on Tell All Part II

Sister Wives Tell All Part II with Kody Brown and his four wives offers an explosive and rare scene. Robyn Brown uses harsh words to call out her shared husband, Kody. Even when the wives disagree with Kody, they usually don’t show any form of disrespect to the patriarch on camera. That’s what makes this scene so unusual.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Taste of Own Medicine from Robyn Brown?

This season Sister Wives fans called out Kody Brown several times for his flippant remarks that they considered disrespectful. Especially for his treatment towards Meri Brown and what fans see as belittling to her on camera. He called her selfish for her insistence upon buying her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

While on camera over the years, the wives of Kody Brown had the tendency to stop talking, hang their head, or simply walk away after a zinger from Kody. Something happens in the second part of the Sister Wives Tell All for Robyn Brown to tell Kody to “get over his crap.”

Meri Brown Stunning Reveal

The first half of the Sister Wives Tell All made it clear Meri wasn’t leaving Kody. All the scuttlebutt about Meri going out on her own perished. This happened when this first wife made it clear she’ll be there at her shared husband’s beck and call.

Meri surprised a lot of the viewers on last Sunday’s Tell All. Besides saying she’s ready for him anytime he calls, Meri referred to the husband of four as “baby”. She already dropped what she was doing recently to have dinner when he called.

Although this renewed interest in his first wife is clear, there’s no doubt about who’s running the show, as far as some viewers see it. That’s Robyn Brown – the fourth wife of Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn – What About Me?

At one point during the Sister Wives Tell All, Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri, discussed their relationship. Meri and Kody went through a rough patch. It was so bad that Kody Brown said if it wasn’t for their commitment and religious beliefs they probably would have parted ways.

Robyn Brown pipes up to explain how the tumultuous relationship between the patriarch and his first wife affected her. Fans caught how Robyn inserted herself into the conversation. She made it all about her, which is what comments suggested online.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Still Manages to Spin Jealousy Among Wives?

Viewers caught the look on Christine Brown’s face when Robyn got a lot of attention from Kody. The third wife of the Brown clan didn’t say much but the look on her face made the fans take notice. Take a look at Christine’s face when Kody and Robyn Brown flirted, as seen in the screenshots above from last week’s Tell All from Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Season Ends

This season of Sister Wives ends after Sunday’s Part II of the Tell All. It’s not known if another season will grace the TLC channel as of yet. There’s no word on renewal or cancellation of the reality show about the daily life of a polygamist family.

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