‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Disappearing Act – Mystery Solved in New Season?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown suddenly and without any explanation disappeared from the online world at the beginning of the year. Not only has Robyn Brown remained mysteriously quiet – but she’s suspended orders at her online store. That’s been the case since the last season ended of their TLC show.

She doesn’t do new business on the site and replaced it with a message. For the last several months that same message claims they’ve been busy restocking and they’ll be back soon. So it looks as if My Sister Wife’s Closet is just fading into the sunset unless something changes for the of Sister Wives’ owned shop.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Missing From Online World

But Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown update their Sister Wives fans on a frequent basis. But the fourth wife and only legal wife of Kody Brown is nowhere around. Patriarch Kody Brown’s also scarce online. The only presence he’s had online is retweets. That’s pretty much been the case since the last season ended. And Robyn’s been radio silent.

Although, he had TLC show enthusiasts scratching their heads when Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to her second child. This is Kody Brown’s granddaughter. Instead of sharing some heartfelt grandpa words with his social followers, he retweeted an article. Kody retweeted the baby announcement put out by TLC. That was it.

While Meri, Christine, and Janelle post tidbits about their kids, they don’t mention Kody or the other spouses in their posts. If you didn’t watch their reality series, you’d never know they’re a big happy family they claim to be. From their online posts, they all seem to be sailing solo. The Sister Wives don’t seem to mention each other anymore online.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Theories Emerge – Sickness – Baby on the Way?

So needless to say, the Sister Wives clan offers a rather odd presence online today with Robyn Brown having nothing at all surface for several months. As the months went by without anything from Robyn, theories emerged from fans. At first, some fans thought she might be sick. Then clues surfaced suggesting something else.

Aspyn Brown Thompson graduated college just before summer arrived. The Sister Wives parents lined up for a family picture with Aspyn to post online. But Robyn Brown was missing from the Brown daughter’s big day. Fans hopped online to question her absence and Aspyn said Robyn wasn’t feeling well that morning.

Aspyn’s description was Robyn was sick in the morning. She hoped to celebrate later in the day. So fans diagnosed “morning sickness”. More fuel added to that theory around July 4 when Robyn showed up in a pic online and fans spotted an alleged baby bump. Still, that was in Summer and nothing about Robyn Brown surfaced from family members since then.

Sister Wives: New Season Surprise to Clear Up the Mystery?

So, it looks like Robyn remains tucked away ahead of the new season. Maybe there’s a surprise to reveal when the new TLC season starts? Robyn and Kody seem as if they’re still together. As the latest reports put her in a new $900K home Kody Brown purchase a few weeks ago. The home is in rural Flagstaff, so it looks like Kody and Robyn Brown put down roots.

Now, what will the new season reveal about Robyn Brown? Is she about to have another child with Kody making it number 19? Is that the reason for all the secrecy around Robyn these days? With social media prevalent and fans posting photos online, it’s hard to keep a big secret like that under wraps.

The surprise would have been easier to conceal. But in the technology age today, it’s hard to imagine keeping a new baby a secret. But surely fans will find out once the upcoming season of Sister Wives kicks off – or if an eagle-eyed fan snaps a pic confirming a baby bump.

TLC Hide-and-Seek Works for Publicity?

So, along with the cliffhanger of the Sister Wives Coyote Pass land and house plans, another surprise seems to lurk in the shadows. At the very least, fans will finally find out what is going on with Robyn. Of course. keeping Robyn Brown out of sight and offline could be nothing more than a ploy to keep fans interested.

After several months of a disappearing act online, fans will want to tune in to see what they might learn about the number four wife. But maybe there’s nothing more to it then Robyn Brown opting to take a break from social media. Wait to see what happens on TLC soon.

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