‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Secures Robyn’s Future – Buys Land Puts Four Deeds In Her Name

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like he might have something up his sleeve with wife Robyn Brown as he recently purchased more Flagstaff properties. Today the wives own a piece of Coyote pass with their shared husband. But Robyn owns a few more new properties with Kody as well.

Then there’s Meri Brown who appears not to own any real estate with Kody Brown. It seems another Sister Wives co-spouse is on that deed with her. So today Robyn Brown looks like the wife who owns the most. She gets the lion’s share of the Sister Wives real estate holdings along with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Land Rich

Documents from the Flagstaff Acessors Office show who is on the Sister Wives deeds. Meri Brown is the only Sister Wives spouse who doesn’t own a piece of property with Kody alone. It seems she is on the Coyote Pass deed with both Janelle Brown and Kody Brown. But Robyn Brown is on four deeds, two of them appear to be brand new properties other than Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives followers know Kody just purchased a new home for Robyn Brown. That property came with a price tag just south of $1 million. But now chatter online suggests Kody recently purchased more vacant lots. It seems the accessor’s office land deed records seem to validate some of that chatter.

The buzz online suggests Kody purchased more vacant lots. The chatter suggests the lots sit near the new home he just purchased with Robyn Brown. But why would he do that if Coyote Pass still waits for dwellings to go up?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Coyote Pass Dream Gone – Now Focus on Land Near Robyn Brown?

Now that Robyn has her new mansion is the land Kody purchased adjacent to her home where he plans to settle the other wives as well? But if he did, why did they put it in Robyn’s name?

It looks like the fans of Sister Wives might need to wait until the new season rolls out to get this answer. So far all clues point to Kody Brown and his clan filming Season 14 in Flagstaff right now.

While the online chatter suggests Kody purchased two lots next to the new home he bought for Robyn, the deeds don’t show that. It looks like he purchased Robyn’s home and a lot either next to it or nearby.

But the bigger mystery is why Robyn Brown seems to be the one who holds the most real estate with the shared husband of four. If anything ever happened to Kody Brown it looks like Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown won’t be left as well off as Robyn.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Made Smart Move?

Did Meri buy the property that is now Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on her own for this reason? If something ever happened to Kody, the other three wives all have properties that fall into their laps alone. But not Meri. With Janelle on the same deed as Meri, the first wive of Kody Brown doesn’t get a parcel of land of her own.

So maybe that’s what Meri’s B&B purchase debate was all about. Sister Wives enthusiasts remember how Meri wanted to do this all on her own. She didn’t want to make Lizzie’s part of the family’s holdings. Maybe Meri Brown was looking out for number one.

Or at least her modern-day number one, which is herself. If this was several years ago her number one was probably Kody. Even today he seems to come first for the other wives. But fans say independence looks good on Meri. Maybe she protected her future by insisting on Lizzie’s be her solo venture.

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