Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Bedtime Ritual Goes Way Back Among His Four Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown really takes his rule seriously of not showing any hands-on romance with one wife with the others around. The patriarch of the Sister Wives family demonstrated this on his show several times during the last decade of seasons.

During one of the earlier seasons when the shared husband takes all his four wives out to do some furniture shopping they really drive the point home. A throwback video offers some insight to the newer fans of the Sister Wives as to why Kody Brown doesn’t show affection to his four wives on camera.

Sister Wives: Bed Shopping for Kody Brown

During one of the early seasons, four Sister Wives ladies and Kody take off to shop for furniture while living in Vegas. As all four wives scatter, Kody Brown follows Christine Brown, which he later explains why. It looks like the women all look for something different for their homes. But for Christine, it’s a bed.

It seems that a bed in the Sister Wives brood represents so much more than in traditional families. When you step into a furniture store, inevitably you run across one, two, or even three people lying down on a bed. Sometimes even an entire family is trying it out.

But with the Sister Wives shoppers, this was very different. As Christine looked at the bed with Kody, Robyn Brown happened by. She stands there for a minute before asking Kody and her co-wife Christine if they want her to leave so they can lay down on the mattress and try it out. It seems even a generic bed in a furniture store represents something sacred for the individual wives.

Robyn Brown Scurries Away

After the fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan scurries off, Kody and Christine do lay down on the bed. Since Christine breaks into song when critiquing the mattress, it looks as if it’s a good fit. So why did Kody opt to follow Christine around when the wives split off?

He fancies himself the more direct shopper, much like Christine, he tells the camera. Apparently both Kody and his third wife Christine see what they want, get it, and mission complete. Apparently, the other women on this Sister Wives shopping trip like to mull over a purchase much longer than Christine. It seems Kody Brown identifies with that type of shopping.

But this scene seems to reflect the seriousness of Kody’s boundaries when it comes to respecting his four wives. As the four wives said in the past, jealousy is a human emotion and it’s bound to pop up. But at least they’ve found ways to safeguard against an overload of this emotion.

Sister Wives: Kody Talks Romance With Janelle Brown

So, in the video above, you get to see Kody furniture shopping with his four spouses in this Sister Wives scene. But as an added bounus Kody also opens up about his feelings for one of his wives during an interview.

At one point it sounds like Kody thought of Janelle Brown more like one of the guys. But apparently that’s only because they both share a very business-oriented mind.  So when they get together they talk about their careers.

This might surprise the Sister Wives fans because no one is quite sure what career Kody refers to. But when this was filmed several years back it sounded as if he had a career going at the time. Perhaps the biggest surprise in the video is when Kody talks about his feelings for Janelle.

He typically won’t talk romance with any individual wife when his other wives are within earshot. But he did here. Janelle and Kody Brown talk about how they’ve reconnected as a couple since they’ve moved from Utah to Vegas.

The Sister Wives patriarch then blushes a bit and tells Janelle he’s found his time with her very romantic. It looks like that moved into an uncomfortable moment for not only Janelle but the other wives as well. So it is easy to see why Kody keeps up that rule.

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