‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Urgent Decision Sparks Suspicion In New Season

Sister Wives with Kody Brown rolled out Sunday night with a new season giving fans their first look at the Brown family on the cusp of getting the family ready for a move. A bumpy road lies ahead on Sister Wives as Kody gets the family ready to pull up stakes to head to Flagstaff. The urgency of the move is enough to get fans of the show wondering what’s the hurry. Starting with one of his adult daughters, who plants the seed that Kody is running from something.

Kody Brown tried to unload his properties in Nevada before heading to Flagstaff. But it looked like that didn’t happen for the stars of Sister Wives. They tried, but the properties didn’t sell, according to reports from last month.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Real Estate Holdings?

Despite reduced prices on at least one of the homes, there were no bites. Now with Kody Brown in a hurry to pack up and leave, there’s at least one daughter who has concerns. Aspyn Brown suggests this sudden move feels like they are running from something.

Without selling the homes he owns in Vegas, Kody Brown purchased more real estate in Flagstaff. According to the latest reports, the Sister Wives patriarch dropped $820,000 on property in his move from Vegas to Flagstaff. Furthermore, he rented several properties as homes for his wives in Arizona.

Kody Brown’s Urgency In This Move

Reports also suggest “Sister Wives may find themselves back in debt.” With Kody tossing around all this money on real estate, people wonder if they can afford it. Clues to money problems surface on the new season. Starting with Meri Brown facing problems while attempting to realize her dream of owning her own bed and breakfast.

As seen on Sister Wives, Meri goes to Kody, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn for help. She needs money for the down payment on her new venture. Kody shuts down her request, which entails drawing money from the family funds.

There’s No Money for Meri Brown

The home for that B&B Meri plans to run dates back to her ancestors. It not only is a new business for her, but she feels a personal connection to the dwelling. Kody’s refusal to help leaves Meri devastated. This plays out during a scene this season on Sister Wives.

Meri is Kody’s first wife and she’s stepped up in the first wife role to care for the family. She’s given him and the family 25-years of her life. While her husband controls the purse strings, the wives are part of the Sister Wives show as well. So at the very least, you’d think Meri is entitled to some of the money they’ve raked in from TLC.

Meri is Spitting Tacks – Kody Still Has Favorites?

Meri is furious as this new season rolls out after Kody tells her they just don’t have the money to give her right now. She looks into the Sister Wives camera and claims she wants to tell them all she doesn’t need them.

It looks like Kody plays favorites once again in their move to Flagstaff. This might also weigh on Meri’s mind when it comes to money. New reports indicate Robyn gets a million-dollar rental home to live in. Compared to the other wives, whose rented homes are worth about half that much.

What Next?

Kody rented several homes for the family of Sister Wives in Flagstaff. Presumingly, it’s only until he is able to build on property he’s purchased in Arizona. Or until he sells the homes in Vegas and purchases houses in their new state.

Despite nothing official about Kody’s financial troubles yet reported, could he face financial woes? Is this what caused the urgency of this move to Flagstaff? Tune into TLC on Sunday nights for the new episodes of Sister Wives and find out what Kody Brown and his wives are up to.

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