Sister Wives: Meri Brown House Sells – Cash for Kody Into the Brown Cookie Jar

Sister Wives star Meri Brown finally sold her home in Las Vegas, which might offer relief for Kody Brown as reports indicate he owes taxes. The land they purchased in Coyote Pass might be vacant but taxes still accrue on the four lots.

Meri’s home is the third out of the Vegas homes to sell. Ironically, it’s Christine Brown’s house that’s still unsold. She attempted to jump on things and put hers on the market when they first mentioned moving. But Kody Brown thought Christine was jumping the gun.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Adds to the Kody Brown Clan’s Shared Funds?

Kody Brown admitted on the show that they’d be in financial trouble if they moved without selling all four homes. When they moved, the houses weren’t sold. It will be a year this summer that they’ve moved to Flagstaff. Here it is May and the third of four houses finally sold with Christine’s still on the market.  While she did sell her home last month for $599,000, the sale fell through. So they’re back to square one with that house.

Meri sold her Sister Wives home after reducing the amount from the original asking price of $599,900 to $574,900. It sold for that exact amount just a few days ago, according to the latest reports. Back in February, the first property to sell was Robyn Brown’s house. This sold for $619,900. Then, last month both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown got bites on their homes.

Sold – Not Sold – Open Houses – Big Price Reductions

Janelle’s house sold for $574,900, which came months after the Sister Wives brood moved. This is is down from the original asking price of $649,000 when she put it on the market last year in October. When you do the math, that’s about a $75,000 reduction for the second wife of Kody Brown. Janelle first lowered the price to $599,900 back in January but later lowered it again. Now Meri Brown finally sold her house with the date of that sale indicated as May 7, 2019.

While these homes were built by the Brown clan and they’re less than a decade old, they looked liked desirable properties. Considering these dwellings became semi-famous from all the filming of the Sister Wives episodes, you would think that would help add to their desirability. But since the houses sat for a long time and one still sits, it seems that wasn’t the case. Then Kody Brown himself joined in on a real estate commercial. He attempted to entice potential buyers out to an open house for his Vegas homes. That commercial is in the video post below.

Sister Wives: How Did They Do It?

Finally Meri Brown sold her house. As Kody Brown has stated on Sister Wives, the family pools and shares their money. So it looks like he’s got a chunk of cash from the sale of Meri’s house this month. Kody Brown and one of the four wives each own the individual parcels of land in Coyote Pass, according to reports. Since Kody stated almost a year ago without the sale of the Vegas homes they were looking at financial trouble. So it’s not known how they’ve managed all this time with the sale of only Robyn’s home for the first several months in Flagstaff.

Nothing else sold until April when someone finally purchased Janelle’s house. Now a month later, Meri’s house sale adds to their shared Sister Wives money pool. While they owe taxes on the land, it only looks like a few thousand dollars on each parcel. Even with the interest added for overdue balances, it’s not extravagant. It’s not known how much money Kody and his wives realize from these home sales. The reports don’t list the mortgage amounts on the Vegas homes. So while Meri Brown’s house fetched $574,900, how much of money from the sale actually goes into the Brown’s shared cookie jar is unknown.

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