‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Defies Kody’s System as New Season Films?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown is adamant when it comes to leading his family but it looks like Meri Brown has learned to push back. It’s Meri Brown who seems to drive the bus getting the fans enticed for the new season, as it reportedly films right now.

While Meri gets a little help from Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, it seems both Robyn Brown and Kody stay tucked away from the limelight today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Flying High on Life Like Amelia Earhart?

Meri Brown hones in on cryptic messages these days. One of her latest posts shows a picture of Amelia Earhart. It contains a quote from the famous female flier that reads: “There’s more to life than being a passenger”. That seems to describe Meri Brown and the way she lives her life today.

From what you see on Meri Brown’s social media sites, this Sister Wives celeb doesn’t stay in one place very long. And… she’s doing this on her own without Kody Brown anywhere in sight. It is almost as if she took flight and is loving every minute of her solo journey.

It doesn’t look as if Meri Brown left her Sister Wives family, despite the online chatter suggesting she did. She hasn’t said a word about severing ties with anyone. Although it does appear as if she’s become more independent from the Kody Brown family unit these days. The family she seems to concentrate on recently are her own relatives, like her mom, sister, brother, nieces, nephews and of course Mariah Brown, her daughter.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

No Longer a Passenger – Meri Takes Over Pilot Seat

It looks as if the first wife in the Sister Wives lineup has a story to tell through these cryptic messages. At the same time, she doesn’t have to post one word of her own, which could come back in a quote to bite her. So while Meri talks through these many messages, fans assume she’s attaching them to what’s going on in her life.

Take a look at her two latest posts above. Meri was a passenger for many years in the Sister Wives family. Kody wasn’t shy about telling everyone via the TLC cameras that he is the leader and he’s going to lead. So it was like he drove and the rest were passengers in his choice of a journey.

Then Meri offers the quote above that suggests having courage doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear. What courage means is that you keep going despite that fear. Sister Wives fans saw the courage Meri Brown gathered up on the last season of the show.

Meri started Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on her own. But she showed courage by insisting it was her own and not sharing it with Kody Brown and her three co-wives. Up until that point, everything each of Kody Brown’s wives earned went into a joint family fund that Kody oversees.

Or at least that’s the way the Sister Wives adults explained it at their many family meetings. That decision to become an entity of her own with the B&B business probably took more courage then it did to purchase and open the inn.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri’s Independence Doubles as Publicity

Whether it’s planned this way or not, Meri’s active life has become somewhat of a teaser for the next season. Reports put the Sister Wives brood filming Season 14 right now. When the time comes to decide whether the show will cancel or renew, Kody’s probably the biggest advocate for the show to go on. In the past, he even negotiated much lower salaries out of desperation to get another season of the show.

To keep the show rolling the ratings need to be there. With the show filming, you would think that the Sister Wives husband would be hard at work keeping the interest in the family going. But he offers nothing that sounds even remotely like publicity. For that matter, he offers nothing at all. He’s been extremely quiet online, as has his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Janelle Brown, the second wife of Kody Brown, offered a teaser earlier in the week. Her post seemed to suggest the family was about to have dinner at their Coyote Pass property. This started a scurry online with fans wanting to know if they’ve built on that property. Just a picture of a view from their dinner that night conjured up all kinds of questions. So she seemed to do her part of hyping up fans for the new season.

A Little Bit of Friction

While Christine Brown has a frequent presence online she mainly centers her activities around the kids. But she did offer some friction leading up to the new season. Robert Garrison Brown, one of the Brown family’s 18 children, posted a pic of him with his new girlfriend online. Christine seemed taken back by this photo. She suggested it would have been nice to meet her in person instead of reading about her online. Robert is the son of Janelle and Kody Brown.

So Maybe Meri’s journey, which appears to be mostly solo these days, doubles for promoting a new Sister Wives season. The two major cliffhangers as the last season came to an end happen to be addressed by Meri and Janelle online. People want to know where Meri and Kody Brown ended up in their relationship.

The last fans heard about Meri and Kody’s marriage was from the Tell All segment. Fans learned they were working on it. But again, Meri Brown looks to be flying solo most of the time today online.

The other cliffhanger was the housing dilemma,  which Janelle teased with her Coyote Pass view photo. Viewers want to know if the Brown clan built new homes or one home on Coyote Pass.

So has Meri taken the reins on getting the fans primed for their new season? She’s certainly doing more than Kody when it comes to offering enticing tidbits online. Maybe TLC likes the job she’s doing with promoting the show without it looking like promotion. Is Kody laying low on his own accord or does TLC like it that way?

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