Sister Wives: Kody Flies Under Radar as Meri Flaunts Independence

Sister Wives star Kody Brown sticks to generic topics online while Meri Brown elaborates on turning over a new leaf in her life today. Viewers of the TLC reality show formed a cheerleading section as the matriarch of Sister Wives seems to document the changes via social media posts.

Papa Brown’s mindset looked set in cement last season when Kody Brown informed the camera he will lead the family. That goes for all the Brown brood even if they don’t want to be led. That’s pretty much what the patriarch suggested at the time. But it looks like times have changed for Kody Brown, especially when it comes to Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Patriarch Kody Brown Needed Reassurance

Kody Brown saw some discouraged Sister Wives faces around the Flagstaff move last season. But the only one who gave him a need for concern was Meri Brown. He worried enough that he looked for reassurance from her on a few occasions. It got to the point where Meri asked how many different ways can she say she intends to stay with the family.

Did Lizzie’s Heritage Inn give Meri the push she needed? A noticeable change emerged after she managed to pull the B&B together all on her own. Things seemed to change for Meri Brown after she secured the down payment and eventually became the sole owner of the inn.

Gone are the days of Meri Brown nuzzling against Kody’s shoulder in photos. Instead, she’s replaced those types of pictures with snapshots of travel, outings with friends, and the things she’s interested in.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Meri Focuses on Herself

Meri Brown seems to love a good quote or message. She not only shares them online but she decorated the walls of her Vegas Sister Wives home with them as well. The message she posted today seems to wrap up her new outlook in life. That message suggests living life like a tree.

The message, posted above, almost reads like a checklist of all the behaviors the Sister Wives matriarch now demonstrates in her daily life. Starting with “Staying grounded.” Meri may be one of the most grounded reality stars seen on TV today. Next, she’s connected with her roots by creating Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which doubles as a home for her mom.

As far as “bend before you break,” Meri did that last season when she felt left out of the Sister Wives family. But she followed Kody and the rest of the Brown clan to Flagstaff, even though she enjoyed her life in Las Vegas. Yep, Meri Brown keeps growing as she turns over that new leaf.

Sister Wives: Where Does This Leave Kody?

With a new Sister Wives season underway, it’s hard to tease out what part of the Brown clan’s recent behavior is promotional in nature. Kody suddenly moved from political sounding speeches that read like he’s running a campaign. He swapped these for more general things in life for his posts.

Meri just spent last weekend at her B&B and it appears her post above “open road” is part of her road trip back home to Flagstaff. While there, she put some time in doing odd jobs and running errands to gather supplies for the inn. Without Kody in sight, fans congratulate her for her newfound independence.

Kody Brown’s only post over the last few weeks shows him at the movies with two of his teen daughters. It seems the Sister Wives husband is treated the polar opposite of Meri Brown when it comes to a new post online. Usually, Meri is seen in a positive light via fans’ comments after she posts something new.

But with Kody, as soon as he posts anything, it appears fans have a field day pulling him apart. So maybe Kody played it safe recently by only posting his generic father and daughters’ outing. After all, what can you possibly say about a dad going to the movies with his daughters? Since he even left out the title of the movie, he basically gave the naysayers nothing to go by.

New Season Brings New Things

Since Sister Wives ran into problems with filming locations this season. So, they needed to think outside the box. While Flagstaff welcomes the polygamous family, they don’t welcome the media circus that follows them. Then they ran into another roadblock. It seems the family can’t film at two of the four homes they temporarily occupy, according to reports. Two of the four wives’ rental properties come with a no-filming clause, according to reports.

Kody Brown even rented a warehouse near their Flagstaff homes. This is where they film the couch sequences. From recent photos, it looks like TLC created a Sister Wives set for filming within that warehouse. Maybe Meri Brown’s inn is also one of the locations TLC uses to film part of Sister Wives Season 14.

The Brown clan was in Chicago recently at the home of Mariah Brown and her fiance’ Audrey Kriss with the TLC cameras in tow. But it’s all just assumptions at this point in time as to whatever the Browns have in store for the new season. That’s because they do a good job at keeping it under wraps.

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