‘Sister Wives’ Spoiler: Kody Brown Wants To Cry – Regrets Moving?

Sister Wives kicks off the new season with Kody Brown so overwhelmed at one point that he claims he wants to “sit down and cry.” Kody, who lives his life following a structured daily schedule, is out of sorts when chaos ensues during the family’s latest upheaval.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Lives Life On a Regimen

When Sister Wives returns Sunday night, we see the Brown family looks a bit older and some sound a bit wiser. Then there’s even a few who look disenchanted. Veteran fans of Sister Wives know how Kody, as the patriarch of this polygamous family, navigates his brood through their daily lives.

Kody Brown, his four wives, and their 18 kids needed some type of schedule through the years with so many people in this family. That schedule goes beyond the typical calendar that marks birthdays and other important events.

Kody and his wives, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown followed schedules for all sorts of activities. They use many rosters noting times and dates for even minor daily events. The scheduled activities range from whose house hosts the family dinner to whose bed Kody occupies on any given night.

Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle Brown Pack Their Bags

So when Kody Brown claims he’s ready to sit down and cry, it’s during their moving day and because he’s so overwhelmed. Despite the schedule they’ve concocted for their big move, things aren’t going as scheduled. Reports indicate that this season on Sister Wives, the Brown family feels the effects of “intense change”.

Surprisingly, the move entails Kody Brown and the wives and kids doing manual labor. In the promo video for the next season of TLC’s Sister Wives, it doesn’t appear they use professional movers. Kody does more than oversee the move. He loads stuff into the fleet of moving vans that come from a few different rental agencies. The video shows Kody carrying a sofa out of the house to one of the several trucks.

Once Upon A Time  – Only One Brown House

It looks like the family loads each house up one at a time. The family’s living arrangements differ from decades ago. Once upon a time, Kody Brown had his entire family lived under one roof. He shared one big house with his three wives for more than 15 years before Robyn joined the family.

The house wasn’t big enough once Robyn and her three kids joined the Brown clan. So separate houses for each family became the new normal for Kody and the Sister Wives. With the addition of Robyn Brown to the family, the wives got their separate homes.

Much like their set-up in Las Vegas, they’ll live in four different homes in Flagstaff, as seen on the new Sister Wives season. Before they settle down in their homes, they need to get there. The move to their new homes poses a problem, as seen in the promo video.

Christine Brown Mad on Moving Day

As seen in one TLC clip, Christine Brown is fuming. It seems Kody Brown and those in the family loading up furniture and boxes are late getting to Christine’s place.

“They’ve been 15 minutes away from loading all my stuff for like a-half-an-hour to an hour,” Christine gripes to the camera. This offers one more clue on just how schedule-oriented the Sister Wives have became through the years.

Kody Has Momentary Meltdown

The camera shows an overwhelmed Kody Brown during the hectic move. He speaks into the camera filming for Sister Wives. Kody shares how he feels like crying and said,  “I’m just slammed. I’m overwhelmed.”

It also sounds like he’s second-guessing his decision to move his giant family. Kody comments that they’re leaving their “beautiful home.” But move they did and we’ll see this all unfold this season on the TLC show.

Tune in Sunday night January 20 for the premiere of the new season of Sister Wives.

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