‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Changes Tune About Meri’s Mother Bonnie Ahlstrom?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks a bit wishy-washy today regarding Meri Brown‘s mom. Bonnie Ahlstrom is one of Kody’s many mothers-in-law. Kody has a tendency to change his tune after taking a hard stand about something. But this time it has to do with Meri and the living arrangements she planned for her mom.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Mother-In-Law Problem?

When Meri Brown first attempted to buy the B&B in Utah, her husband was all over her about giving her mom Bonnie Ahlstrom a room. Apparently, the city’s code allowed four rooms to be used for guests in the B&B. Furthermore, it sounded as if the dwelling had four rooms and caretaker’s quarters from the discussion on the show.

Kody, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown sat down with the first wife to discuss her new venture. As a result, the husband of four had somewhat of a problem that Meri’s mom was going to take one of the four rooms. By doing this, it would potentially take away from the profits.

This is one of the many roadblocks he and the other Sister Wives presented to Meri Brown. It looked like Kody Brown had more concern about money than his mother-in-law Bonnie.

Meri Brown Unconcerned About Kody

Meri Brown had it all figured out and wasn’t the least concerned about Kody’s resistance about her mother’s living arrangements. Certainly, at the time he probably wouldn’t have won the son-in-law of the year after what he said on Sister Wives. 

Just like everything else coming from Kody regarding Meri’s new business, his tune changed about her mom. Seems like all of the sudden Kody is super enthusiastic about Meri Brown finding a way to do this. Of course, the B&B is in home that her family lives in for years.

Now that Meri’s mama Bonnie Ahlstrom lives in the family home where generations of her family lived before makes Kody happy today. Also to share his enthusiasm, he took to Twitter this week to express his happiness in the Sister Wives tweet below.

Kody Brown Has Sudden Change of Heart?

His outlook over his mother-in-law moving in sure did change. It doesn’t seem the same as it did in a recent episode of Sister Wives. Suddenly he is concerned about the historic value of the home for Meri Brown and especially her mother.

This sure is a switch from the dollar signs he concentrated on as she explained her original B&B plans. Fans hopped online after one of the new episodes to say Kody seemed completely oblivious to what Meri wanted. They also predicted if the B&B turned a profit, his attention would gravitate to her business.

This is Meri’s Mother – Not a Stranger

At the time Meri asked for help, the other Sister Wives and husband all wanted to see a business plan. They harped on her about this as the new season rolled out. Then the Brown patriarch reneged on lending Meri Brown the money for the down payment after he said he would give it to her.

She was already frustrated and then her husband seemed rather cold when it came to Meri’s mother moving into the B&B. It was almost as if he was talking about a stranger rather than his mother-in-law. This has been an ongoing issue on recent episodes but things seem better now in real life.

Kody Brown Eases Up On Meri Brown’s Mom

The viewers saw Meri Brown in tears on the first two Sister Wives episodes of season 13. While the cameras shot a lot of what was going on, there’s probably lots more than what’s seen on TV. She was excited to have Bonnie Ahlstrom move in, which it seems she did no matter what Kody had to say.

Then, Kody Brown flipped and is now “really glad” that Meri’s mother Bonnie Ahlstrom is living in that house – at least it seems so. Tune into TLC Sunday nights to catch new episodes. This week the Super Bowl bumps it out, so the next new SW is on February 10 – watch then!

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