‘Sister Wives’: Meet Kody Brown’s Four Mothers-In-Law In Retro Clip

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has not one, but four mothers-in-law. So, what do you suppose that looks like when they all get together with their son-in-law? If you ever wondered what it’s like for Kody to have this many mothers-in-law wonder no more. From what Kody says, he sounds a bit uneasy, especially when he takes all four of them by himself out for a day of shopping. His exact word for the way he felt – “intimidated.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown With Four Mothers-In-Law In Tow

While there’s no official word from TLC yet about another season, reports indicate Kody Brown and family have cameras in tow. So it looks as if another season is in the works. But after 13 seasons so far, looking back at Kody Brown and his Sister Wives clan, it’s interesting to see what brought them this far.  Kody’s four wives, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown all have moms who understand their plural marriage.

As Robyn says in the video below, all Kody’s mothers-in-law are polygamous wives as well as their daughters. It seems at one point several years back Kody needed to buy all four of his wives a gift. It just so happened that all the Sister Wives adults had their moms in town back in 2013 for Mother’s Day. This included Kody’s mom as well. He needed help picking out one gift for each of his spouses from his Sister Wives tribe.

The chatter online back when this Sister Wives episode rolled out indicated fans didn’t see the mothers-in-law as enthused. All except for Meri’s mom who fans see as liking Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Alice Sullivan - Genille Brown - Sheryl Usher - Bonnie Barber - Annie Allred

Which Mom Belongs to Each Sister Wives Spouse?

Do you see any family resemblance among the five mothers who belong to the five spouses of this Sister Wives plural marriage? Each of the women pictured above also come from families that practice polygamy. A couple of these moms have more in common than just Kody Brown as their son-in-law.

Janelle’s mom is also sister wives with Kody’s mother.

Although Christine’s mom left her plural marriage, she still supports her daughter’s polygamous marriage. Can you pick out what mom belongs to each Sister Wives celeb above? You might be surprised.

From left to right is Robyn’s mom, Alice. Next to her is Kody’s mom Genielle Brown. Then the woman next to Kody’s mother in the off-white blouse is Janelle’s mom, Sheryl Usher. Most folks know Bonnie Ahlstrom Barber, who is next in the line above. She appeared on the last season of Sister Wives. Bonnie is Meri’s mother, the woman in the green shirt.

And last, but not least, is Christine Brown’s mom in the red and white striped dress. Her name is  Ruthann LeBaron Allred and she’s known as “Annie”.


Papa Brown on Best Behavior

During this shopping trip, Kody complains that each of his wives will compare their gift to the gifts he buys for his other wives. As the mothers-in-law browse, Kody cracks jokes with the Sister Wives cameras before deciding on a gift for each wife. Janelle gets a sign that claims “I Kiss Better Than I Cook.”

He buys each wife a sign with a saying that he feels best describes them individually. So if you ever wondered how all those signs and messages accumulated on the Sister Wives walls, now you know. Those wooden plagues with funny and inspirational sayings seem to be Kody’s go-to gift for his four wives.

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