‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Sees Janelle Differently Than His Other Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown sees Janelle Brown differently among his four wives, each who brings something unique to the table for the patriarch. Veteran viewers of the show know the different personalities of Janelle, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. While they’re similar in some ways, they’re also as different as night and day in other aspects.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Mouth – Sometimes Inserts Foot

If you dig back far enough into the archives of the Sister Wives show, you can find tons of little blurbs about each wife coming from Kody Brown. Some of these little quips seem to paint a picture of how Papa Brown views each of the four women in his life.

Sometimes Kody Brown says something that he intends to sound like a compliment but others don’t necessarily see it that way. During one of the earlier Sister Wives seasons, he took all four of his wives out furniture shopping. While he joked with the salesman how shopping with four women was dangerous, he seemed to do just fine. But a few little tidbits that came out of that shopping trip seem to explain a few things. It seems he shared with fans just how he views Janelle Brown as a wife.

Janelle Brown is a fan favorite for a lot of Sister Wives followers. People see Janelle as sweet and extremely level headed. What she shares in this older video gives a bit of an insight into her sadness as well. She identified herself as a person who works full-time. Finding more to her identity presented as a problem for her. After listening to the video below and hearing Kody’s take on his second wife, you might understand why Janelle feels this way.

Janelle Brown – Like One of the Guys

One of the most interesting things to come out of this archived clip was Kody’s take on Janelle. He started talking to the camera on Sister Wives about how he had a special relationship with Janelle Brown. She is like hanging around with one of the guys Kody Brown said.

It started as they shopped for furniture and the Brown patriarch shared how Janelle has no decorating instincts just like him. Kody Brown then shared it was Christine who decorated Janelle’s house. This was when the Sister Wives clan first moved from Utah to Vegas. Or maybe fled Utah to Vegas is a more accurate way of describing that relocation.

One of the most surprising things to come out of this archived clip is that Kody claims both he and Janelle are very “career oriented.” While Sister Wives viewers see Janelle Brown that way, Kody Brown never appeared to have a career on the show outside the house. It seems his job is to manage the combined incomes of his wives. But he claims he shares a career-oriented mind with Janelle. Also, he shared how the two used to talk about the progress they made in their separate business careers.

Sister Wives: Patriarch Paints Odd Picture of Janelle

Kody Brown said to the Sister Wives camera that when he goes out with Janelle Brown it’s more like two guys out together. They talk about guy stuff, Kody suggests. Janelle chuckled and she did say Kody’s declarations about her lack of decorating skills ring true.

Janelle Brown agreed that Christine did most of the decorating of her home. But the guy thing, looked as if that might have hit her differently. When Kody Brown brought it up again during a couch confessional with his wives, he added something new.

After all his comparisons of Janelle Brown to one of the guys, he seemed to back peddle a bit. He did this while sitting on the Sister Wives couch with his wives for an interview. But Janelle looked a bit sad when he mentioned yet again that they were like two guys. But he did add how he’s been reconnecting with Janelle recently and he actually found it a bit romantic.

It seems Kody made the attempt to put Janelle back in the correct category – as one of his wives and not his hang-out buddy. While Janelle took it like a good sport, one still can’t help wonder if she was a bit hurt by this. If not, the music in the clip sure seemed to make it a sad scene for Janelle Brown. This gives viewers a bit of history between Kody and Janelle. Although after being married for a few decades many wives would be proud to think their husband looks at them as one of their buddies. So this reveal from Kody Brown might be looked at as compliment as well.

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