‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Struggles With Flagstaff Winter

Sister Wives fans who follow Kody Brown‘s wife Janelle Brown on Instagram heard that she struggles with the Flagstaff winter days. She posted about it on her Strive with Janelle Facebook page. In her post, she lamented the lost Las Vegas sunshine, even though the days were short there. The recent move from Nevada to Arizona’s unsettling and trying to cope with dark wintery days seems to be hard for her.

Sister Wives family settling in at Flagstaff

Janelle Brown, as Sister Wives fans know, is not one to moan and complain much even though the move to Arizona must be unsettling. After all, fans of the TLC show saw her move before, and make a new life after Utah with Kody Brown. However, she is struggling with “dark days” which probably makes it more difficult. Before the winter arrived, she posted up about the move and how she enjoyed testing out the various restaurants in the area.

Once the snow arrived, which Meri Brown loved, Janelle also tried to show the spirit of adaptation. On her Instagram, we saw her out and about exercising. Exercise is a good way to help get the happy hormones going, but maybe it takes a little more than that when you’re used to a sunnier environment. In her post, Janelle said that she’s finding herself “struggling a little bit more this year.” That was in reference to “the darker days.” She added, ” I think it’s because in Las Vegas we always had sun, even if the days were short. Here in Flagstaff, we have cloudy days that limit the sunlight even more than just the season change.”

A solution to dealing with winter

Janelle shared a solution to dealing with winter and the short, cloudy days. Fan of Sister Wives like the way Janelle shares good ideas. As follower @Linda Hanley, said, “Thank you for this suggestion,” adding that it had been very helpful for her. The suggestion that Janelle recommended came from her daughter Maddie. She suggested eating citrus fruit every day during the cold months. Taking note, Janelle did some checking and revealed that “grapefruit and citrus” help many things including relaxation and mood elevation. 

She also went on to explain that she personally tried grapefruit. She did note that many of her followers cannot eat it, due to medicines not mixing well with it. However, she tried something that may interest you if you need a mood lift during the dark days of winter, (If you eat grapefruit). She took the grapefruit sections and drizzled honey over them.  If that sounds odd, it is – as she explained to Sister Wives followers that the combination is different. However, the “the contrast of tastes is out of this world.”

Janelle Brown’s post attracts fan suggestions

Fans responded to the post by Janelle. As always, she replies to Sister Wives fans who comment on her posts. One person suggested popping the grapefruit and honey under the broiler. Janelle really liked the suggestion. Apparently, that makes it even better. Other fans who cannot take grapefruit suggested any citrus helps. That, plus a sun lamp.

What do you think of Janelle Brown struggling with Flagstaff winter days? Will you try her grapefruit and honey if you have the same problem?

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