‘Sister Wives’: Kody and Janelle Son Garrison Brown Turns Model and Entrepreneur

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown’s son Garrison Brown is apparently a chip off the old block as he struts his stuff on camera. It appears Garrison has taken his love of Hawaiin shirts to a whole new level. As a model for his new clothing line, he proves in photos that he does know how to strike a pose. Dad-of-many Kody Brown makes no secret of his love for the cameras. So maybe it runs in the family?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Kody Brown – Son Gets Funny About Hawaiian Shirts

The Brown patriarch spent a lot of time trying to get more seasons out of TLC for his Sister Wives show. So, he must like the camera crew following him around. While Garrison Brown is only posing for still-shots, the camera seems to like him. As the pics show a handsome young man who looks comfortable in his poses. Then, of course, there’s his mom Janelle Brown. She’s there in the Sister Wives scenes but she doesn’t strike fans as someone who’s overly eager to get on camera.

According to his Sister Wives mother, Garrison Brown not only wears the shirts he’s selling, but he offers up some clever captions that she finds comical. She writes how “this kid’s sense of humor cracks us up all the time”. An example of this is found on the pineapple Hawaiian shirt. The caption requests you not lick the screen as the shirt features pineapples.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown

Garrison Brown Strikes a Pose and Jokes About Pineapples

Janelle Brown is not the only Sister Wives family member sending prospective shoppers to Garrison’s new clothing site. His sister Maddy Brown Brush is plugging sales for him as well. She posted one of his pics to her Instagram account as well. Since his post is rather new, chances are the rest of his family will give him a shout out on their social media accounts pretty soon as well.

You might think it’s strange that Garrison would call his online store “Bob’s Floral Apparel” since his name is Garrison Brown. But his real name is Robert Garrison Brown – hence Bob… The 20-year-old is Kody Brown’s eighth child and Janelle’s fourth out of her six kids. Garrison grew up in front of the cameras on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown

Sister Wives: A Real Go-Getter

While it looks like Garrison Brown (or Bob) is into his own business these days it doesn’t look like he’s out to make a killing. He seems to offer reasonable prices on these popular vacation-type shirts. Although it appears he’s looking for buried treasure in the photos above while he poses in one of his shirts. Notice the Elvis-like snarl this Sister Wives son has going on in one of the photos above.

In the small photo above it looks like he found a passenger. That’s one way to let folks know these shirts are for both men and women. He’s also offering some Hawaiian-like floral print dresses on his website as well. This Sister Wives kid looks like one of the several go-getters from the Kody Brown brood. Garrison Brown joined the National Guard a few years back and he’s also in college, according to his bio.

Selling Their Stuff Online

Now he’s taken a page out of a few of the Sister Wives spouses book – selling their wares online. Meri Brown peddles LulaRoe attire, as does Christine Brown. Robyn Brown runs MySisterWife’s Closet, although reports indicate the site is not taking new orders these days. But it looks like Garrison is now ready to try his hand at an online store.

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