‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Modeling Gig? New Pic in Smoking Hot Surroundings

Sister Wives star Kody Brown suddenly turned model in a photo that appears to promote the trendy thing to wear at the backyard barbecue this summer. He’s not alone in this new online post. He’s with Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown, two of his older sons.

The Brown boys are modeling shirts from Bob’s Floral Apparel around the BBQ. So who is Bob and why is Kody Brown wearing floral apparel just like two of his sons? Bob Brown is Kody’s son, Garrison Brown. While this appears to be a modeling gig with all three lined up in floral shirts, it’s probably pro bono. After all, it’s a family affair.

Sister Wives: Who is Bob and Why is Kody Brown Modeling Bob’s Floral Apparel?

It looks like Garrison Brown, who the Sister Wives viewers got to watch grow up over the last decade, now goes under Bob or Robert these days. Or at least that’s the case across his social media sites.

Robert Garrison Brown, 20, is the eighth child born to Kody Brown. He’s also the fourth child born to Janelle Brown. That’s Garrison in the middle between Gabriel and their dad.

Fans got to know Gabriel Brown, who is the first on the left in this new photo below. He didn’t want to move to Flagstaff and a few episodes of Sister Wives were dedicated to Gabriel Brown struggling with the move.

Gabriel Brown, 18, is Kody Brown’s ninth child. He’s the fifth child for Janelle Brown. While the move was hard on the high school student at the time, recent reports indicate he’s settled nicely into his new surroundings.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Brown Tree?

So what’s with the trio of floral shirts in this new picture of Kody Brown and sons? Garrison Brown has followed in the footsteps of his creative Sister Wives parents by opening an online store.

When Garrison Brown first started going by the name Robert, chatter emerged online. People suggested he wanted to put some distance between himself and his family. But Garrison is still using Brown as his last name, so that idea didn’t seem to stay afloat for long.

This young entrepreneur sells a variety of Hawaiian shirts along with Hawaiian floral print dresses. Both Garrison and his girlfriend Kylie Marshall, model the floral designs on the website.

Some of the Sister Wives family members have offered shout outs to Garrison Brown’s new venture online. But it looks like Kody Brown is the first family member other than his son to model one of the shirts from Garrison’s shirt store.

With Kody in the pic, that post got almost 500 likes in less than an hour after Garrison posted the photo on Saturday. It looks like the Sister Wives patriarch is doing what he can to help Garrison sell his new clothing design. Papa Brown found a great way to promote Bob’s line by sporting one of the designs just like a model.

Sister Wives: So Where’s the BBQ?

Sister Wives followers have seen all the Brown kids in the four homes of Kody Brown through the years. But up until recently, an individual Brown offspring didn’t get a lot of airtime.

Many of Kody’s kids born to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown are now young adults. So by featuring their grownup kids’ weddings, graduations, and even a grandchild’s birth with the viewers, they get to know these young adults better.

While Hawaiian shirts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, maybe they should be. Look at how cool and summer-like Kody and his two sons look in their floral print shirts. So where is this Sister Wives BBQ location? Ahhh… a little detective work indicates it’s in Janelle’s backyard.

Janelle posted a picture of Kody and Gabriel discussing world history last week. They were on the other side of those drapes. Kody and Gabriel sat on the couch in Janelle’s living room and the same drapes hung on the windows. So unless Kody Brown’s wives all decorate alike, Kody was cooking on Janelle’s backyard grill. And he’s doing it in a floral print shirt from his son’s online store. Go Papa Brown!

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