‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Son Chip Off Old Block With New Girlfriend, Kylie Marshall?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a new generation of Brown kids coming of age with a few apples not falling too far from the tree, like Garrison Brown. The 20-year-old son of Kody and Janelle Brown looks like he’s got a new girlfriend, Kylie Marshall.

The name Kylie Marshall is from the picture on Garrison’s Instagram page. Not much is known about this young lady, but she’s showing up in photos modeling alongside Garrison Brown for his new online clothing venture. And some Sister Wives followers think Kylie looks a little like Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Brood Growing UP

From recent pictures posted on the web, it appears Garrison Brown and Kylie Marshall are an item. One Sister Wives mom, Christine Brown, hopped online when Garrison introduced Kylie to the world via Instagram. She didn’t sound happy that she didn’t meet his new girlfriend before he made this social media announcement. While Janelle is his biological mom, all four of Kody Brown’s wives consider themselves a mom to all his children. But many parents get the first look at their kids’ love interest online. So it appears one fan told Christine to “grow up.”

Kody and his four wives have several kids who are all grown up. Now as young adults you can see how some of their parent’s influence emerged. That influence is from their Sister Wives family of four moms and one dad.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown - Kylie Marshall

Garrison Brown Influenced by Dad Kody

Take a look at Garrison Brown who just started to poke his head out in the adult world. This Sister Wives son seems to be a go-getter, which some might say he inherited from his biological mom, Janelle. He’s just 20 and while still in college he launched an online clothing store.

Janelle said her son has a sense of humor, which is evident on the clothing site with some of the descriptions he penned for his wares. But he might have a tendency to go overboard a bit, which is something Kody Brown is known for.

When introducing Kylie to the world on his Instagram page he wrote on the picture – “She’s a Grade A Snack.” That probably raised a few eyebrows in the Sister Wives world.

So it looks like fans went with this Sister Wives offspring is just being funny. Other than a couple of “wows” online and someone suggesting this was a bit  “awkward” people seemed to let it go under the umbrella of humor. His dad Kody Brown has the tendency to stretch the boundaries of humor as well.

Sister Wives: Foot in the Mouth?

Through the Sister Wives seasons, Kody Brown also put his foot in his mouth a few times. Like when he told the whole world an embarrassing tidbit about his life with Meri Brown. He told a radio reporter that he’s no longer intimate with Meri. That dropped a few jaws. Meri did say that it took her back a bit because they don’t need to share everything with the audience. When Kody said – “I was feeling a little snarky” when asked why he said this. He quickly back peddled saying not at Meri, at the law governing marriage.

So did Garrison unintentionally put his foot in his mouth with the “snack” comment about Kylie Marshall? Since the fans of Sister Wives seemed to let it go, it looks they believe he said it in fun. According to the Urban Dictionary, when referring to a person as a “snack”, this means it’s someone who “looks good at the moment”. More than likely Garrison’s humor kicked in when tagging the pic. But some might ask if he’s showing a little Kody Brown influence today.

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