Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Latest Pic Offers Clues About New Home

Sister Wives star Meri Brown lives in a temporary rental property in Flagstaff until Kody Brown builds their homes on Coyote Pass. Fans haven’t seen the place Meri Brown calls home yet. But a recent pic sheds some light on her humble abode.

It appears Kody Brown and his Sister Wives have kept their new residences to themselves. Other than Robyn Brown, as her place popped up on the last season. But, there’s a reason you didn’t see at least two of the homes. The ones rented by Kody Brown and his wives when they landed in Flagstaff during their big move.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown On Her Own?

Robyn Brown’s rented Flagstaff mansion was featured on the last season of Sister Wives. This is the million-dollar mansion the entire Brown brood descended upon as their first stop in Flagstaff.  This is that lavish mansion that reports have Kody sharing with Robyn full-time today. Other than that home, none of the other houses are seen. Not in photos or on film.

It seems the folks in Flagstaff are easy going like Kody Brown expected. But it also looks like many of them like their privacy as well. So the film crew hovering around the members of the Sister Wives brood is not always a welcome sight in public. Apparently, privacy, along with peace and quiet means a lot to the folks in that area.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: All Meri Wanted Was Trees

So far the only Sister Wives dwelling seen inside and out is Robyn’s McMansion. But Christine recently posted a view from her house on Instagram and now Meri Brown shared a view from where she lives as well. It looks like Meri Brown’s view from her place is not only gorgeous but offers up a few clues to her lifestyle as well. Back to when Kody and Meri went to Cottonwood in Flagstaff to check out building lots, they both loved it.

But when they took the other Sister Wives spouses to look it over it seemed Robyn didn’t like it. She didn’t want to have trees all around her. It seems she had a terrible experience when she was younger. She explained how a wildfire broke out in the wooded area where she lived in and it scared her. So the trees weren’t her favorite thing. Then they all settled for Coyote Pass where she and Christine heard the “angels sing”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Clues From a View

Ff you check out the pic Meri Brown posted, she got her trees after all. For as far as the eye can see there are trees! It also looks like Meri’s home is somewhat of an estate. At this Sister Wives place, it looks like she’s got a covered pool in the background. The pic appears taken from a second-floor balcony, suggesting she’s got a good size place.

The reason she posted the photo was to share with her followers all the snow that fell – in May! Christine showed the same thing off the back of her house as well in her posted picture. While Meri hasn’t shared photos of her rental online, it appears Meri’s house has a lot of natural rock walls both inside and out at her Sister Wives house.

Her latest pics in her Lularoe outfits have her standing in front of rock walls and walkways. She used to stand in front of her garage door at her home in Vegas when posing in Lularoe outfits. But in Flagstaff, it looks like her house offers more of a log cabin-like feeling. Check out the fieldstone fireplace in the pic to the left. This has a feel of home built by early settlers with all the modern conveniences.

While Meri Brown didn’t offer a tour of her house, it looks like you get to see just enough to offer a birdseye look into her surroundings. It appears Meri likes that country-feel if her pics are any indication.

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