‘Sister Wives’: Meri’s Cryptic-Like Messages Fuel Brown Family Upheaval Rumors

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might be spilling the beans in a peculiar way when it comes to Kody Brown and the other wives. Meri is posting quotes online from famous people. Some Sister Wives fans believe these quotes might have disguised messages from Meri. Perhaps she’s addressing some of what is going on today within the Brown family. Some viewers of the show see Meri Brown’s posts as cryptic messages.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Letting Someone Else’s Words Talk for Her?

It appears to some folks that the Sister Wives matriarch (after all Meri was Kody Brown’s wife first) might be feeling the tension within the family. So it looks like these quotes offer a clue as to what’s going with Kody Brown and his four wives. Well at least from Meri Brown highlighting quotes. The first quote Meri posted sounds as if it’s addressing selfish women. Now Meri never put a name to these quotes or gave any indication that she had Kody Brown or the other wives in mind but she didn’t need to. It seems the Sister Wives fans took care of that for her.

A quote by Selene Kinder, which is seen below, describes how helping, praising or just being there for another woman doesn’t take away from your life but adds to it. This post emerged just as reports surfaced that Kody Brown is acting as if he has only one wife lately, Robyn Brown. It sounds as if Meri Brown might be setting things straight, possibly with the other wives in mind. Or so suggest some Sister Wives followers online.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Is Meri Brown Verbally Thumbing Her Nose?

Then her latest post seems to use words to thumb a nose at someone. Again, these aren’t Meri’s own words but this Sister Wives spouse puts them on display for the world to see. The quote suggestions “don’t worry about hurting my feelings”. Then goes on to say “not one bit of my self-esteem is tied up in your acceptance.” This quote comes from none other than Dr. Phil. Meri Brown elaborated just a little bit on this post writing “Amen, Dr. Phil!!”

This sounds like the grown-up version of “sticks and stones may break my bones – but names will never hurt me.” While folks online are reading quite a bit into the quotes posted by the Sister Wives first spouse, there’s no word from Meri Brown just what they mean. Considering they crop up at a time of reported turmoil among Kody Brown’s spouses, fans could only assume she’s got someone in mind that need to take a lesson from these posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Papa Brown Now a One Woman Man?

Kody Brown’s vehicles stay put at Robyn’s house most of the time, according to the latest reports. He drives that little blue sports car, which is just the right size for this Sister Wives father of 18. When not behind the wheel of that car, it sounds like his other ride is a motorcycle. Both the car and the bike seem to have permanent parking spaces at Robyn Brown’s rented mansion in Flagstaff.

The recent reports also indicate Janelle not looking too happy all alone on Mother’s Day. She was captured in pictures shopping around a farmer’s market all by herself. The onlooker reporter no sight of another Sister Wives brood member, not Kody Brown or any of her kids. Then Kody ran into two of his sons at the gym. The two older boys were Janelle’s sons as well, Logan Brown and Hunter Brown.

Some Taunting Fatherly Advice?

The boys looked sweaty from their workout and according to the onlooker, Kody gave them some fatherly advice. Although it could sound more like a taunt. Kody told the boys to take quick showers because Janelle’s hot water heater is terrible. With reports putting Kody Brown anchored at Robyn’s house, it sounds like hot water is no problem for the Sister Wives patriarch.

So now with the buzz putting Kody with only one wife lately, maybe some jealousy bubbled up. Whatever is going on, it sounds like Meri Brown has all the bases covered in cryptic messages. Or at least that’s what some folks say. Those who stay on top of the Sister Wives news suggest Meri Brown offers a piece of her mind via these quotes.

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