‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Warned and Scolded for Risky Behavior in Post

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently embarked on some risky behavior that prompted warnings and even a reprimand for the first wife of Kody Brown.  A new photo online shows Meri doing some sightseeing. But you can see why the Sister Wives fans show concern when you take a closer look at where Meri Brown stands in the picture.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Footsteps Away From Disaster?

Out of all four of the Sister Wives spouses, Meri Brown seems to be the most active online. She posts something almost daily for her fans. With 276,000 followers on her Instagram account alone, she has gathered quite the online crowd over the years.

With that many followers comes a slew of different opinions which end up in the comment section of her social media pages. Meri Brown’s most recent post shows the Sister Wives matriarch standing on a ledge overlooking the Grand Canyon.

While the photo draws the eye to the breathtaking view, there’s something else folks notice in this new post. Meri is only a few footsteps away from the edge of that rocky cliff.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Not a Laughing Matter – ‘Stop Showing Off’

One fan told Meri Brown that they had to yell at their adult children when recently visiting the same place because they stood too near to the edge. Much like the Sister Wives spouse does in this photo. That comment finished off with a bit of advice for Meri – “Stop showing off”.

The Sister Wives mom of one offered comments to a few of the posts that suggested she stood dangerously close. She wrote, “Haha” and then suggested she’s “living on the edge.”

But at the same park back in April, three deaths from falls in separate incidents made the headlines. Each year the Grand Caynon typically sees five or so deaths caused by people falling, according to the park’s spokesperson, John Quinley. People get too close to the cliff’s edge and just one slip can end their life.

While the yearly number of deaths at the Grand Canyon typical grow into double digits, many of the deaths come from natural causes. This time of year headlines often reflect the unfortunate accidents of sightseers and hikers who fall to their deaths all over the nation. So this Sister Wives adventurer needs to realize it happens, even to experienced cliff hikers.

Sister Wives: Taking Risks In More Ways Than One

Besides the warnings coming from fans that suggest Meri Brown play it safe from now on, comments about Kody Brown also emerge. Her Sister Wives followers want to know where Kody Brown is as Meri travels around. They ask why he’s not in any photos with her.

Earlier this week Meri posted a picture of herself with an unknown man. The guy had his arm around her and both were smiling. Meri’s caption read,  “And then when you meet someone who was right in front of you all along…”.

This got the fans of Sister Wives talking even more about a possible split from Kody Brown. Some assumed this man is Meri’s new love interest. What she wrote sounded like the first line of a romance novel.

People reprimanded her for this post as well. This did nothing but fuel the chatter once again. Some fans told her if she didn’t want rumors started she shouldn’t post something like this. While several fans requested Meri clarify what type of relationship she shares with the guy, she remained mum.

Anyway, it sounds like this Sister Wives celeb is living very close to the edge lately, or at least she’s made it look this way on her social media posts.

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