Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Mystery Man Photo – Is Romantic Caption a Publicity Stunt?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has tongues wagging online today with a romantic-seeming caption for a photo that shows her with a mystery man. Recently it looked like Meri worked at breaking up the chatter online that suggested her estrangement from the Brown brood. She seemed to make headway with photos showing that she’s still with Kody Brown and clan.

Now with this post, that topic is wide open again and it looks like it’s Meri fueling a split tale from Kody Brown. Meri captioned the picture of her and this unknown man – “And then when you meet someone who was right in front of you all along…”. Some fans hopped online to offer feedback to the Sister Wives matriarch.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Meri Brown Starts New Romance Chatter Online

One of her Sister Wives followers tells Meri this is not something you’d write about a cousin or family member. Another warned her not to put pictures up like this if she doesn’t want people to ask about this guy being a new boyfriend.

It looked to one person as if Meri Brown was attempting to freak out her Sister Wives fans with this photo. The hashtags include “Papa Brandon 1005” and “Friends Who Became Family”. So it looks like Meri has a cryptic message for an explanation. Is this guy’s name Brandon and is he a friend of Meri’s who ended up as a family member?

The problem with this is – Meri didn’t say that. Her play on words in the caption read like the opening line of a mysterious romance novel. She had to know this pic would get the masses talking. Especially after what’s gone on recently with people accusing her of posting cryptic messages to jab the other ladies of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Publicity Stunt Now With New Season Filming?

Other fans took it for a publicity stunt as the Sister Wives film another season. If timelines in the past offer any indication it looks like a new season could premiere as early as September. So if this is for publicity – just how does this happen with the Brown family?

Does Kody Brown call a Sister Wives meeting to brainstorm how to get the viewers enticed for their new season? Is it Kody Brown’s first wife’s turn to get folks talking? Over the past couple of months when a story circulates about Meri Brown being estranged from Kody’s three other wives, a picture pops up.

Instead of debunking a story in words, it seems the Sister Wives family let a photo do the talking. When Meri was supposedly ignoring the rest of her co-wives, she showed up in a pic from Disneyland.

Sister Wives: Might Be Time for Meri to Give Kody Brown a Hug

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody, and their kids were in the picture with Meri. Robyn Brown was missing, which started another estrangement bout of chatter. Meri then posted a photo of her and Robyn together in Chicago.

To put the brakes on this Sister Wives pic Meri is going to have to do something drastic. This time she’s got those romantic-looking words with this picture and a mysterious man. Maybe hugging Kody in a photo would stop the chatter for Meri circulating around her and her newest picture buddy.

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