‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Puts Riddle to Bed Engaging Fans as New Season Films

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might just be the biggest asset for Kody Brown when it comes to keeping his TLC reality show on the air. When Meri talks, Sister Wives fans listen. Now camera crews are again hovering over Kody Brown and his family. Meri Brown has the knack of keeping the fans interested and ready for a new season.

It looks like Meri Brown recently engaged the Sister Wives followers with a riddle. She posted a picture of herself suggesting that something in the picture is a “rarity” for her. While fans debated what that might be, it seems her sneakers won out. But that wasn’t what Meri was talking about with this riddle. It was something else.

Sister Wives: The Intrigue of Meri Brown

It seems Meri is wearing black, which is a color that she steers away from. Not because she doesn’t like it, but because she feels it doesn’t do anything for her. Meri did say in the post with the photo that those who know her really well would figure this out. While Meri’s riddle is nearing 10k in “Likes” in just 24 hours, it’s more than just this Sister Wives riddle that makes this a clever play.

Fans seem to love the Sister Wives matriarch. While the first wife of Kody Brown has hit some rough spots in the past few years, her popularity never seems to wane. With the recent reports of cameras once again filming Kody Brown’s family, it looks like a new season is underway. While nothing official regarding Sister Wives Season 14 has come down the pike from the TLC head honchos, this is nothing new.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Lights, Cameras, Action – Kody Brown Clan Filming

Typically the cameras are spotted filming Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown before TLC’s announcement. So it looks like the cameras indicate another season is on the way. A lot of time passes between seasons and it’s important to keep Sister Wives watchers interested during that lull. It appears Meri Brown has mastered keeping the Sister Wives viewers’ enthusiasm going even during a long hiatus between seasons.

It looks like Meri has a knack for keeping an air of mystery about her, like the recent riddle she put forth as a challenge to her followers. Then recently you find out she’s in Disneyland. But she doesn’t say if she’s alone or with family members. Even with her cruise posts from a while back, she shared photos that added intrigue to her life. It seems the mystery of Sister Wives mom Meri Brown entices fans and keeps them entertained between seasons.

Sister Wives: Entertainment During the Lull

Reports swirled online saying Meri Brown went to Disneyland on a solo journey. But after a few days of that report making the rounds, up pops Meri with Kody, Christine, and Janelle. Furthermore, they were all at Disneyland together. While Meri rarely addresses the rumors, she seems to be able to dispell them with a pic or two. So by keeping an eye on Meri Brown in between the Sister Wives seasons, you might find it quite entertaining!

Fans also find some of Meri’s other posts a bit mysterious. While in another recent post she didn’t say that she’s in Chicago visiting her daughter Mariah Brown, she did pose in front of a brick wall. One of her hashtags conveyed that she’s standing in front of a random wall in Chicago. It’s actually Chicago where the Brown clan was spotted with the Sister Wives cameras in tow. The folks in Flagstaff can probably expect to see those camera crews soon. So far reports indicate the Sister Wives family filmed in the Windy City. But Flagstaff is most likely next.

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